Kelly Galloway Kindergarten takes STEM to STEAM

At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten we fully embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  We also realize we need STEAM because you can’t spell SmART without ART!

We celebrate STEAM through:

  • Cooking—hands-on math, science, healthy living
  • Music—math, science, sound, rhythm, patterns
  • Observation—questions, scientific principles
  • Blocks—science, math engineering, spatial relationships
  • “Junque” box—engineering, assemblage art, problem-solving
  • Animals—classroom pets, science, animal health, responsibility, field trips
  • Visual art—hands-on experiences, creative expression, color mixing, observation, vocabulary
  • Communication—planning with peers, sharing, problem-solving, discussion, writing, reading

“The teachers help make learning real by incorporating real experiences in addition to books, etc.

— Kelly Galloway Kindergarten parent

“I liked subtraction bowling!”

—Mykah, Felix, and Elijah

Made possible by a gift from the Thomas D. Galloway Family, the curriculum developed for this groundbreaking arts-based kindergarten completes the continuum of the award-winning academic programming pioneered at the Arts Center. With a special focus on preparing young students to develop innovation skills, the arts-based approach sets the stage for a lifetime love of learning.

Children who will be age 5 before August 31 are eligible to enroll. Spaces are limited. Contact Linda Reimond for questions and to enroll your child in the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten for the 2018/19 school year.