Guerrilla Art Spring Break Camp

Another week of exciting Guerrilla Art Spring Break camp in the books! The students started the week off by creating their Guerrilla Artist identities and messages. After they established who they are and what they stand for, the teaching artists got them going on their big public art projects for the week. As a group, we collaborated on a Sunflower Mural, Mushroom Explosions, some Lollipop Joy, a River Stick Dream Curtain, and loads of pocket notes to spread kindness in the world.

Artwork can be viewed at multiple places near downtown. Mushroom Explosion and River Stick Dream Curtain can be seen in front of the Lawrence Arts Center at 940 New Hampshire Street. Come inside our Main Lobby to view the Guerrilla Artists posters as well! The Sunflower Mural will be located on the wall outside of US Bank on 9th and Massachusetts Street. Lollipop Joy can be seen outside the Senior Resource Center at 745 Vermont Street.

We asked one of our students, “What is Guerrilla Art?” and they said, “Surprise art for your community.” Bingo! We hope that our artwork surprises you while you’re out and about and that it brings some joy to our community.