Guerilla Artists Around the Town

We don’t run too many activities more than once, but Guerilla Arts Camp has become a mainstay in our rotation. One reason for this lies in the importance of teaching social justice through positive messaging and artwork. another reason: Guerilla Arts Camp is just pure fun. True Guerilla Art really balances these tenets to immediately engage an audience.

During Spring Break, we gathered 25 young Guerilla Artists who immediately set about finding their identity and message, devising artwork, and performing and installing it around town. We had great fun and were able to change the world at a grassroots level, starting with a change from within.

If you happened to walk by US Bank and see the portrait gallery of Local Heroes or see the 50-foot-long photo mural next to 715 with Guerilla Artist messages, know that our young ones are thinking about how to honor and improve our community. We love Lawrence and want to continue to make it a wonderful place where people are thoughtful, active, and artistic.