Bunker Crafts: Paper Piecing Pt. III

Adhering to the zone of consideration, I’ve started Necrofancy for you! A free crafting video channel where the work happens in front of you like magic! 

If you’ve been following Bunker Crafts the last few weeks, you’ve assembled a stack of patches and potentially impatience. “What do I do now, weirdo?” you may be thinking. I’ve been thinking the same thing. What I’ve arrived at is this video channel.  Step inside the bunker for some home eek-onomics (I know, I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon, let this one slide), and let’s learn how to whipstitch. Despite the whip, this simple sewing stitch isn’t torture. After you’ve easily mastered it, you’ll be well on your way to assembling one mean hex. I mean a hexagon quilt.

Grab a few simple materials, a high proof potion, and let’s get to work…