Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We at the Lawrence Arts Center are saddened by the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Tony McDade. These are not isolated killings, but part of a systemic pattern. We mourn the victims with their families. We are angry and sad about the truth these killings reveal again and again–this is the lived experience of Black Americans. 

In this moment and at this time in history, we want to be perfectly clear: we condemn racism, systemic oppression and white supremacy in all forms. We uphold the constitutional right to peaceful protest.

Equity is not an intellectual exercise. Individually, it is work to be undertaken every day. Institutionally, it means we must stand with our Black colleagues, artists, neighbors, and community. We know that to bring about justice, we must help to create it. We acknowledge that partnerships throughout the city are critical to this undertaking.

This is not a time for apathy. We all must work to be anti-racist. We must hold our communities accountable. We are all affected by in this movement, regardless of whether we have been directly impacted. If we are white, we must sit with discomfort, listen and hear. To do the work of building a better world, it is necessary to accept that the pursuit of justice is neither easy nor quick.

The fundamental role of art is to shine a light on humanity to reveal the world we live in with honesty and audacity. At the Lawrence Arts Center we also know that art builds stronger community. We are honored to create with our community, and to stand alongside our community as we work for justice.

–  Margaret and the Lawrence Arts Center Staff