Art Auction 2021 Meet the Artist: Chris Wolf Edmonds

Woodland Ornaments


Welcome to a series of interviews by local artist and 2021 Benefit Art Auction afficionado Grace Eason, featuring the generous donors who have created pieces for this year’s event!


Chris Wolf Edmonds is a renowned artist, longtime friend of the Lawrence Arts Center, and a fifth-generation Kansan whose work is inspired by nature. Her piece Woodland Ornaments is open for bidding and can be found here at our online auction site. Wolf Edmonds said she is pleased to have been part of the annual benefit event from the start:

I have contributed my work to the Arts Center auction since its origin in the old Carnegie Building, where my husband, Steve, was one of the first auctioneers. We are both proud to have been involved from the beginning. We are also proud to have had our son, Jason, serve as board president, as well as to contribute pieces of his fine wood work to the auction. My own work has varied from fiber to metal, with images that celebrate the color and patterns of the natural world. I find my images in the woodlands, grasslands and waterways that are part of our farm. This year’s contribution is a 40 x 40″ digitally augmented photograph, printed on aluminum.

Although sometimes picking one over another is frowned upon, Woodland Ornaments might just be my favorite piece in this year’s show. The repeating rhythmic patterns formed by the fungi are both soothing and invigorating. I am so thankful that Wolf Edmonds continues to participate year after year. More of her work can be found here.