A Closer Look: Vanessa German

Vanessa German was part of the 2016 group exhibition Platform, and later featured in the mother-daughter exhibition My Mother Was the First Real Thug That I Knew: Works by Sandra Keat German & Vanessa German in 2018. The Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, MO purchased a work from that exhibit, and the piece can be viewed in the museum’s permanent collection of contemporary art. German gave a performance and art talk at the Lawrence Arts Center. She generously contributed a work to the 2018 Benefit Art Auction.

Learn more about artist Vanessa German in the following videos:

Pittsburgh Artist Vanessa German  on PBS
The curators travel to Pittsburgh and the Art House, home of artist Vanessa German. She presents her spoken word performance, “If My Hands Were Anything Other Than Hands.” She then takes the curators to her studio and explains her sculpting process – which involves reconfiguring dolls and wrapping them like mummies to create a solid figure – and the mindset that led to one of her sculptures.