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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! As Lawrence’s home for the fine arts, we hope to be a resource to anyone in the community who wants an accessible way to make art part of their daily lives. Why? Because here, we believe that art is for everyone. Below, you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Overlapping Image Content

Heading overlaps and image, extra content on right. Extra content can be blocks of content, or a wysiwyg.

Label Name Type Notes
Content tab
Heading overlapping_image_content_heading group (Clone of Utility : Heading)
Heading Size overlapping_image_content_heading_size select
Intro overlapping_image_content_intro wysiwyg
Content Type overlapping_image_content_content_type select
Content overlapping_image_content_content wysiwyg
Blocks of Content overlapping_image_content_blocks repeater
Image tab
Image overlapping_image_content_image_id image (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Focus Point overlapping_image_content_image_focus_point button_group (Clone of Utility : Image)
Image Fit overlapping_image_content_image_fit select (Clone of Utility : Image)
Lazy Load overlapping_image_content_image_loading true_false (Clone of Utility : Image)
Caption overlapping_image_content_caption text