Art is for everyone

Give Your Time,
Get a Lot Back

If you want to support education, exhibition, and performance programming at the Lawrence Arts Center, consider helping out with your time and skills!

There are a variety of ways community members volunteer. These opportunities include greeting patrons, taking tickets, giving directions, assisting in special events, compiling mailings, distributing fliers, and more!

Offset Two Column

Two column content with a sideways title on the left. Option for gray box background.

Label Name Type Notes
Side Heading offset_two_column_side_heading group (Clone of Utility : Heading)
Intro offset_two_column_intro wysiwyg
Left Content offset_two_column_left_content wysiwyg
Right Content offset_two_column_right_content wysiwyg
Add Gray Box Background offset_two_column_gray_box true_false