Performance Program

Lawrence Arts Center School of Dance presents

Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

March 8, 2024, 7:00 pmMarch 9, 2024, 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Run of Show & Music Credits 🍫

The Townies
Overture by David Noland, Guiseppe Fusco, Ron Janelli From the Original Broadway Cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Candyman by Sammy Davis Jr.
The Candy Man Can by Cool & Classy

Charlie at Home
Daydreamin’ by Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott

The Golden Ticket
I’ve Got the Golden Ticket by the Original Broadway Cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Meet Auggie and Violet
Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics
Confident by Demi Lovato

Meet Veruca and Mickie

Material Girl by Madonna
Daisy Circuit and other selections from Super Mario Bros

Welcome to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
It Must be Believed to be Seen by Christian Borle from the Original Broadway Cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Oompa Loompa (Trap Remix) by Trap Geek

Through the Tunnel
Pure Imagination by Bucket Head
Semi Wondrous Tunnel Ride by Primus

Violet the Blueberry
Luma Bubbles by Brookii
Shining Star [The Reflex Revision] by Earth, Wind & Fire

Veruca and the Squirrels
I Want it Now by Esparanza Spaulding
Veruca’s Nutcracker Sweet by the Original Broadway Cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Mickies’ in the Television
Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles

Charlie and the Elevator
Pure Imagination by Timothee Chalamet
Celebration (The Reflex Revision)-Kool and the Gang

Welcome to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! 🍫🍭🍬

Thank you for coming to experience this remarkable production, Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is a multi-genre dance production featuring the students of the Arts Center. Tonight you will witness dancers perform Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap, and Irish Dance in a production retelling of the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is an original show, but you might catch a few easter eggs from the movies and book. This has been a truly collaborative effort, and what you are seeing on stage is the product of teamwork.

Thank you to the amazing choreographers Claire Buss, Liat Roth, Annie Stark, Donna Jo Harkrider, and Gabby McNabb. Thank you to Samaria and Lexey for making the magic happen on stage. Dancers, thank you for your energy and inspiration. The costume and make-up team, Erin, Maya and Rebekah, you are rock stars! Parents, a million thanks to you for allowing us to work with your children and keeping up with the production schedule. A special thanks to Caitlyn Howard for the fantastic graphic animations. Thank you, Hanan Misko, for giving me the opportunity to create this show!

We are so excited to share this creation with our audience. Enjoy!


Maya Tillman-Rayton
Artistic Director, Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Cast & Ensemble 🍬
Shopkeeper Craig Stewart
Charlie Isla Gnojek

Bella Maletsky (Understudy)

Sandy Megan Hill
Mayor Gabby McNabb
Townspeople/Ballet Crosby Beyer
Mattea Rassmussen
Nichole Weis
Ruth Yang
Townspeople/Hip Hop Georgia Wedan 

Nora Pedersen

Townspeople/Irish Amelia Gay
Annalise Janssen
Dasha Spencer
Emily Carswell
Emily Hammer
Lenore Mitchell
Ruby Graham
Zoë Calnon
Children Playing Eleni Reece 

Eli Misko

Ira Beyer

Lauren Anderson

Rylie Tiemann

Sophia Stratemeier

Patrons (Tap) – Youth Alana Stewart 

Elise Vigne 

Mae Havener

Olive Smith 

Sarah Song

Patrons (Tap) – Adult Laura Rollins 

Megan Greene 

Sarah Riley

Charlie’s Mother Sydney Tiemann
Grandma Jo Bella Maletsky
Grandparents James Whittaker 

Madi Pierson

Strayhorn Krueger

Augie Gloop Lilah Paul

Sydney Tiemann (Understudy)

Ruth Yang


Mrs. Gloop Audrey Senger

Madi Pierson (Understudy)

Jennifer Walker (Understudy)

Violet Beauregarde Marcella MacGonagle

Sydney Tiemann (Understudy)

Ruth Yang


Mrs. Beauregarde Annalise Lantz

Madi Pierson (Understudy)

Jennifer Walker (Understudy)

Veruca Salt Maria Mosconi

Sydney Tiemann (Understudy)

Ruth Yang


Mrs. Salt Genevieve Williams

Madi Pierson (Understudy)

Jennifer Walker (Understudy)

Mickie TeeVee Kellar Musser

Sydney Tiemann (Understudy)

Ruth Yang


Mrs. TeeVee Photina Adrian

Madi Pierson (Understudy)

Jennifer Walker (Understudy)

Wonka Nathan Kramer

Jennifer Walker (Understudy)

Augie’s Oompa Loompa’s (Hip Hop) Eli Misko 

Kaleigh Barr

Kate Buffington

McCarty Lamb 

Meyer Lamb 

Scotland Tiemann

Stella McCall

Chocolate River (Contemporary Movement) Adell Kent 

Carson Hagen

Lorelei Reuman 

Madelyn Gaynor 

Margot Dorsey

Roslyn Elles

Violet’s Oompa Loompas (Jazz) Clara Podany 

Delaney  Basore 

Kaleesi  Denham  

Katie Moyle 

Petra Sowinski 

Rosella Kramer 

Rylie Tiemann

Silvia  All

Tatum Collins

Blueberry Double Ivory Ashr
Veruca’s Oompa Loompas (Ballet) Eleni Reece

Georgia All 

Hazel Brackbill 

Lauren Anderson

Squirrels (Tap) Alana Stewart 

Arlo Smith 

Elise Vigne 

Elsie  Battaglia-Bergstrom 

Foster Vigne 

Larkin Oertel  

Layne Gaynor

Olive Smith 

Sarah Song 

Sarah Judd

Mickie’s Oompa Loompas (Modern) Mae Havener 

Mattea Rasmussen 

Nichole Weis

Charlie’s Oompa Loompas Alice Gnojek 

Austyn Hagen 

Basil Murphy 

Cadence  Mohler 

Calla Sykes

Eleanor Paul

Kathryn Jackson

Madison Lopez 

Maple Rossini

Storey Gunter

Celebration Ensemble Audrey Senger 

Craig Stewart 

Ivory Ashr 

Jeff Mueller 

Jennifer Walker 

Laura Rollins 

Megan Greene

Meighan Davisson 

Sarah Riley 

Madi Pierson 

Strayhorn Krueger 

James Whittaker 

Ruth Yang

Nora Pedersen

Georgia Wedan

Crosby Beyer


Production Staff 🍭


STAGE MANAGER Cliff Hoitt-Lange






RUNNING CREW Jess Finkemeier, Nico Scales


HOUSE MANAGER Deborah Dillon


BUILD CREW Cliff Hoitt-Lange, David Nichols, Elliot Yochim, Jennifer Walker, Jess Finkemeier, Jodie Little, Lexey Jost, Monica Shafii, Nico Scales, Samaria Fleig,  Sofia Bilbao, Tevin Mershon, Devi Arkeketa, Quinn Nissen, Keats Johnson; and the Jr. Tech Class

JR TECH CLASS Alexandra Sanchez, Isabel Sanchez, Liam Price, Max Dahda, Cora Brownley, Graham Hall. Lucas Hasiuk, Benjamin Tiemann, Katherine Walters, Nicolette Davis, Lillian Ramsey, Sawyer Harding, Kalispell Johnson, Nora Kemp, Celia O’Connor, Miles Perez, Isobel Krestas, Zizi Ball, Ellie Seybold, Maddy Turner, Alia Leon

Dance Staff & Faculty 🍫





  • Annie Stark | Irish Step Dance
  • Ashley Sandefur | Pilates
  • Betsy McCafferty | Little Movers
  • Charlie Myers | Social Dance 
  • Claire Buss | Jazz, Hip Hop, Social Dance 
  • Cynthia Crews | Ballet
  • Hanan Misko | Ballet
  • Hope DeYoung-Daniels | Ballet
  • Justin Harbaugh | Jazz, Tap, Social Dance
  • Kierstin Bennet | Little Movers, Ballet 
  • Liat Roth | Ballet, Contemporary, Modern 
  • Maya Tillman-Rayton | Hip Hop, Afrodance
  • Paige Comparato | Ballet
  • Rechelle Bishop | Yoga
  • Savannah Meier | Tap 
  • Shannon Pickett | Ballet
  • Wanwan Cai | Chinese Classical Dance
Special Thanks 🍭
  • Our amazing volunteers!
  • Parents and families of the cast and crew!

Sponsors 🍬


50 Years of Art for Everyone 🎉

This production wouldn’t be possible without YOUR support. Help the Lawrence Arts Center celebrate its 50th anniversary, and lay the foundation for 50 more years of community-based and educational dance. Donate to the Lawrence Arts Center’s School of Dance today!


Wonka's Chocolate Factory Cast 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Wonka's Chocolate Factory 2024

Meet the Production Team

woman smiling close to camera

Maya Tillman-Rayton

Artistic Director

Hanan Misko

Dance Program Director

Cynthia Crews

Artistic Director of Lawrence Ballet Theatre

Claire Buss

Dance Program Coordinator/ Choeographer

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Cliff Hoitt-Lange

Stage Manager

Erin McElroy

School of Theatre and Music, Costume Designer

Maya Sabatini

School of Theatre and Music, Assistant Costume Designer

Lola Brown

Light Board Operator

Nico Scales

Running Crew

Miles Perez

Sound Technician

Deborah Dillon

House Manager

Elliot Yochim

Technical Crew

Jennifer Walker

Build Crew

Jodie Little

Build Crew

Monica Shafii

Build Crew

Tevin Mershon

Build Crew

Devi Arkeketa

Build Crew

Quinn Nissen

Build Crew

Keats Johnson

Build Crew

woman smiling at camera

Annie Stark

Choreographer, School of Dance Instructor

woman smiling at camera

Ashley Sandefur

School of Dance

woman posing on beach

Betsy McCafferty

School of Dance

Charlie Myers

School of Dance

woman smiling at camera

Hope DeYoung-Daniels

School of Dance

Justin Harbaugh

Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education

Kierstin N Bennett

School of Dance

Liat E Roth

Choreographer. School of Dance Instructor

woman smiling at camera

Paige Comparato

School of Dance

Rechelle Bishop

School of Dance

Savannah Meier

School of Dance

Shannon M Pickett

School of Dance

woman smiling while dancing

Wanwan Cai

School of Dance