Performance Program

Summer Youth Theatre presents

Puffs or Seven Increasingly Event Years At A Certain School of Magic and Magic

June 21,2024 | 7:00 pmJune 22, 2024 | 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Please note:

  • The show runs 2 hours and 15 minutes with a 10 minute intermission.
  • This play contains adult language and mature content.
  • The production will have sound effects, fog, sirens, flashing lights, moving lights, and actors in aisles.
  • The production will have bright flashes of lights at the end of Act 2.
  • The use of cameras, videotaping, or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited. Electronic devices should be turned off or set to non-audible mode.
Summer Youth Theatre’s Mission

Summer Youth Theatre cultivates positive working relationships between young people, professionals, and the community to create high-quality, thought-provoking productions.


By Matt Cox

With additional material by Kristin McCarthy, Stephen Stout, and Colin Wait

Welcome to our production of Puffs!

From the very beginning, this journey has been an absolute joy, largely due to the incredible group of students who have poured their hearts and talents into bringing this story to life. Puffs is a play that celebrates the underdog, the overlooked, and those who never give up, no matter the odds. It’s a humorous and heartfelt reminder that everyone has a place in the world, and that courage, friendship, and loyalty are virtues worth celebrating.

Working with these young people this summer has been a joy. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication have been truly inspiring. Each rehearsal has been filled with laughter, learning, and a collective commitment to excellence. These young actors have not only embraced their characters with remarkable skill but have also supported each other, embodying the very spirit of the Puffs.

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together. This production is a testament to the hard work and passion of every student involved, both on stage and behind the scenes. Their collaboration and perseverance have made this show a magical experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to create theatre with such a talented and wonderful group.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our rendition of Puffs. We hope it brings a smile to your face and a reminder of the power of unity and determination.

Craig Ruis Fisher

Show Order



Year 1 | Welcome to the Puffs; Studies; The Feast!; Back in the Common Room; A Trio is Born; Wayne and Cedric; Sports!; The End of the Year

Year 2 | Dueling Club & Harry Wants to Kill Everybody; More Terror in the Common Room; The Heir of Snakes; End of Year Again

Year 3 | Letters; Year 3; Electives; A Great Hall Slumber Party; FIELD TRIP!; Letters, Again

Year 4 | Goblets. Fires; Not Forgivable Curses; Before the First Task; The First Task; Dates for the Ball; A Bathroom; The Yule-Tide Ball; The Second Task & the Subtleties of Lake Watching; Wayne and Cedric; The Third Task

ACT 2  

Year 5 | Welcome Back; Hopkins, Potter, & Emotions; The Rest of Year Five

Year 6 | The Dark Lord; Snogging 101; Later, in the Hallway; Perks of Love; Mummy; End of Year Six Where nothing Major Happens

Year 7 | A Funeral & Instant Messaging; The End Begins; A Great Hall Again; The Battle; A Very White Room

Nineteen Years Later – Blah, Blah. An Epilogue

Susie/Bones/Colin/Hermeoone #2/Ric Gryff/Myrtle Adelaide Kiene
Professor Turban/Ghost History Teach/Death Buddies Ada Velazquez
Wayne Hopkins Addy Welch
Uncle Dave/Zach Smith/Professor Locky/Mr. Nick/Sal/Second Headmaster Arvo Ananda
Sally Perks/Hermeoone/Blondo Malfoy/Rowena/Rita Scooter/Bippy Cadence Mayfield
Mr. Voldy Cayj Sutherland
Xavia Jones Destinee O’Dell
Megan Jones Devyn Ridings
Harry El Lord
Professor Lanny/Runes Teach/Ms. Babble Eldwyn Krebs
Viktor/Mr. Bagman/Death Buddy Cayj Sutherland
J. Finch Fletchey/Goyle/A Fat Friar/Clumsy Longbottom/Hermeoone #3 Arvo Ananda
Narrator 2 (Year One, Year Three, Year Five, Epilogue) Isobel Krestas
Hannah & First Headmaster/Professor McG/Professor Sproutty Destinee O’Dell
Death Buddies Max Graham & ALL
Cedric Ruby Hoffer
Narrator 1 (Prologue, Year Two, Year Four, Year Seven) Sophie Little
Oliver Rivers Theo Mardis
Leanne/Ginny/Helga/Frenchy Tyller Zacher
Ernie Mac/Very Tall Man/Seamus/Potions Teacher/Real Mr. Moody Rowan Vincent
June Tech Class
  • Abigail Hagner
  • Anya Roundy
  • Cal Ricketts
  • Oliver Brashler
  • Celia O’Connor
  • Charlie Stueve
  • Cora Brownley
  • Demoree Davis
  • Ellie Seybold
  • Eliza Tagliaferri
  • Eve Slusky
  • Finn Savoie
  • Ginny Kammerer
  • Holden Pike
  • Laurel Hunsinger
  • Liam Price
  • Lucian Stewart
  • Maceo Krueger
  • Magnus Pollington
  • Wren Herbert
June Costume Class
  • Kadence Cunningham
  • Lucy Needham
  • Lucy Stueve
  • Max Molla
2024 SYT Intern Group
  • Assistant Technical Director Alia Leon
  • Assisant Choreographer/Assistant Director Ari Waller
  • Costume Designer Assistant Emmett Henry
  • Assistant Technical Director Finn Hyland Sidener
  • Props Master Graham Hall
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Harper  Finck
  • Assistant Director Ivy Bitters
  • Rookie Camp Teaching Assistant Katherine Walters
  • Assistant Stage Manager Katie Parsons
  • Sound Assistant Keats Johnson
  • Production Stage Manager/Assistant Director Liz Wyle
  • Rookie Camp & Creative Play Teaching Assistant Lola Brown
  • Assistant Technical Director Lucas Hasiuk
  • Production Stage Manager Maryann Barnhart
  • Assistant Scenic Designer Maryanne Ghilino
  • Sound Engineer Miles Perez 
  • Props Master Nico Scales 
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Stevie Roman
  • Assistant Scenic Designer Wren Jay
Production Team
  • Director Craig Ruis Fisher
  • Assistant Director Petey Holman-Hebert
  • Assistant Director Ivy Bitters*
  • Stage/Production Manager Maryann Barnhart*
  • Sound Engineer Josiah Merino
  • Assistant Sound Engineer Miles Perez*
  • Costume Designer Landon Noll
  • Costume Designer Assistant Emmett Henry*
  • Scenic Designer Lexey Jost
  • Lighting Designer Samaria Fleig
  • House Manager Lisa Purdon
  • Tech Crew June SYT Tech Class

*Member of the 2024 SYT Intern Program

Production Staff
  • Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education Justin Harbaugh
  • Technical Director/Production Manager Samaria Fleig
  • Assistant Technical Director Lexey Jost
  • Event Manager Lisa Purdon
  • Box Office Manager Josiah Moreno
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Meet the Production Staff

Justin Harbaugh

Director of Performing Arts

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Elliot Yochim

Technical Crew

Landon Noll

Costume Designer

Photography by Anders Benson 📸