Theatre Camp in Lawrence

Theatre Is For Everyone

Let Them Grow With Summer Youth Theatre

When you sign your child up for Summer Youth Theatre, you’re giving them a lot more than an opportunity to perform. We help kids experience a fun and creative environment where they can connect with their peers in a positive way.

Summer Youth Theatre is a series of stage productions and educational classes for students in 4th-12th grade. The focus of the program is to inspire young people to express themselves, explore new talents and communities, and discover the magic of theatre.

Highlights of Summer Youth Theatre

Summer Youth Theatre Creative Play & Rookie Camps

In creative play, our youngest performers can engage with each other through expressive exploration and play.

Summer Youth Theatre Tech Series

Students learn the basic of costume design and tech theatre and use their skills to bring performances to life.

Summer Youth Theatre Performances

Children who fit the age requirements can audition for and perform in a variety of fun, thought-provoking plays.

The Summer Youth Theatre

We’re committed to providing the Lawrence area with a facility that welcomes them into the world of theatre and music. This includes dedicated spaces on our campus for youth theatre in Lawrence, with a 300-seat theatre, black box theatre and studio space for performances.

Make Art Part of Their Daily Life

Interested in enrolling in the Lawrence Arts Center School of Theatre & Music? We have financial aid available to those who need it to ensure classes are accessible to everyone.

Take The Stage

Learn more about audition opportunities for our upcoming performances!


Art is for Everyone

Making Art Accessible to All

Lawrence Arts Center is here to ensure anyone—of any age and any background—can connect with a supportive community and flex their creative muscles. With contemporary exhibitions, performances, and an array of music education classes for adults and kids, everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Our primary state-of-the-art facility at 940 New Hampshire St. features classrooms, studios, theatres, and more. To further support the community, we also have a space for classes and rehearsal at 10th & Mass Studios.

The Joy of Summer Youth Theatre