Performance Program

Summer Youth Theatre presents

The Wizard of Oz: Youth Edition

June 14,2024 | 7:00 pmJune 15, 2024 | 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

  • The show runs 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • The production will have fog, sirens, flashing lights, moving lights, and latex balloons.
  • Videotaping or other video or audio recordings of this production are strictly prohibited.

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Summer Youth Theatre’s Mission

Summer Youth Theatre cultivates positive working relationships between young people, professionals, and the community to create high-quality, thought-provoking productions.


By L. Frank Baum

With Music and Lyrics

by Harlon Arlen and E.Y. Harburg

Background Music by Herbert Stothart

Dance and Vocal arrangements by Peter Howard

Orchestration by Larry Wilcox

Adapted by John Kane for the Royal Shakespeare Company

Based on the Classic Motion Picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.

Adaptation and support materials developed by iTheatrics under the supervision of of Timothy Allen McDonald

We’re off to the see the Wizard!

Welcome to The Wizard of Oz! A classic story that begins and ends in Kansas. While most Kansans might roll their eyes at the familiar “You’re not in Kansas anymore” joke, we have embraced it with open arms. Though we might not be physically leaving Kansas, we hope to transport your imaginations on a journey through the wonderful world of Oz!

Summer Youth Theatre is such a special experience, and I am thrilled to be directing my first SYT show. Throughout this process, our young actors have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with professional artists, learn an entire musical, and make life-long memories along the way.

The magic of The Wizard of Oz lies in its timeless themes of courage, friendship, and self-discovery. Our production aims to honor the classic elements of L. Frank Baum’s story while infusing it with fresh energy and creativity. Our talented cast has embraced the iconic roles of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion with their unique interpretations, bringing new life to these beloved characters.

One of the most rewarding aspects of directing this youth theatre production has been witnessing the transformation of our cast, both on and off stage. The children have not only grown as performers but also as individuals, developing confidence, teamwork, and a strong sense of community. They have learned to support one another, overcome challenges, and celebrate each other’s successes, much like Dorothy and her friends on their journey to see the Wizard.

I am so incredibly proud of each member of our cast and crew. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and talent are truly inspiring. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the parents, volunteers, and supporters who have contributed their time and resources to make this production possible. Your support has been invaluable.

As you sit back and enjoy the show, I hope you are transported to the marvelous Land of Oz and reminded of the powerful messages at its heart. Remember, like Dorothy, that sometimes the greatest adventures are found close to home, and the strength you need is already within you.

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. We hope you enjoy the show!

Kayla Sandusky, Director


The Songs 🎶


Scene 1 – Kansas

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Dorothy

Scene 2 – Professor Marvel’s Camp

Scene 3 – The Farm 

The Cyclone  

Scene 4 – Munchkinland  

Munchkinland | Munchkins, Glinda, Dorothy

Follow the Yellow Brick Road | Munchkins

Scene 5 – Cornfield

If I Only Had a Brain | Scarecrow, Dorothy, Crows

We’re Off to See the Wizard | Dorothy, Scarecrow, Crows, Munchkins

Scene 6 – Apple Orchard

If I Only Had a Heart | Tin Man, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Apple Trees

We’re Off to See the Wizard | Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Apple Trees, Munchkins

Scene 7 – Dark and Creepy Forest

If I Only Had the Nerve | Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Munchkins

Scene 8 – Haunted Forest

Jitterbug | Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Witch, Jitterbugs

Scene 9 – Emerald City

The Merry Old Land of Oz | Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Ozians

If I Were King of the Forest | Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man

Scene 10 – The Wizard’s Chamber

Scene 11 – Haunted Forest

Scene 12 – Witch’s Castle

Winkie’s March | Winkies

Over the Rainbow (Reprise) | Dorothy, Auntie Em

Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! | Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Winkies, Monkeys

Scene 13 – Wizard’s Chamber

Scene 14 – The Farm

Bows | Full Company

Dorothy Gale Lily Stewart
Aunt Em Blake Brittingham
Uncle Henry Liam Bowker
Hunk (Scarecrow) Jacob Mika
Zeke (Lion) Ryder Hatch
Hickory (Tin Man) Adelaide Bodeker
Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch of the West) Lucy Allton
Toto Spenser Greer
Professor Marvel (Oz Voice) Layne Brittingham
Doorman Brooklyn Huntington
Guard  Oscar Lang
Glinda Elsie Battaglia-Bergstrom
Lady in Rocking Chair Ruby Allton
Rowboat Man 1 Cruz Bishop
Rowboat Man 2 Madelyn Phillips
Cow Cyrus Bowker
Apple Tree 1 Charlotte Zenson
Apple Tree 2 Landon McAleese
Apple Tree 3 Baylee Chee
Cat Carson Hagen
Featured Dancers Roslyn Elles

Izzy Hoskinson

Lena Saltmarsh

Delaney Basore

Mae Havener

Kennedy Michael

Kadence Cunningham

Markis Krestas

Irie Phelps

Elsie Battaglia-Bergstrom

Victoria Rosenberger

Munchkin 1  Ayla Roundy
Munchkin 2 Sadie Mosier
Mayor of Munchkin City Mia Brown
Barrister (Lawyer) Quincey Neuteboom
City Father 1 Oliver Lang
City Father 2 Ashna Mulhern
Coroner Penny Salb
Lullaby League Iona Roberts

Lydia Holloway

Bee Monson

Ellie Brent

Emme Woodson

Vera Hatch

Brooklyn Huntington

Tabitha Hensley

Oscar Lang

London McAleese

Charlotte Zensen

Baylee Chee

Lollipop Guild Tough Kids Victoria Rosenberger (featured dancer)

Lucy Needham

Zoe Gascon

Mary Cole

Ethan Gipson

Leader of the Crows Walker North
Crows Dara Adedipe

Dara Adedipe

Joci Needham

Éabha Klinksick

Lily Stuke

Jane Watkins

Erika Rivera

Zoe Gascon

Vera Hatch

Emme Woodson

Ellie Brent

Mary Cole

Gavin Lopez

Nikko Ethan Gipson
Winged Monkeys Oliver DeRousse

Oliver DeRousse

Will Roselyn

Ida Hegeman

Kat Davis

Oliver Jepson-Pike

Carson Hagen

Cyrus Bowker

Leader of the Winkies Tabitha Hensley
Winkie Guards Zoe Ferrara

Laila Habibi-Pasdar

Eden Gehri

Ella Klein

Emery Cole

Libby Cain

Amalia Deines

Harper Cordts

Hazel Brackbill

Evelyn Tryanski

Delilah Oatis

Ruby Allton

Madelyn Phillips

Piano Jennifer Hosler
Bass Cannon Cramer
Drums Matt Bell
Guitar Michael Hamm
June Tech Class
  • Abigail Hagner
  • Anya Roundy
  • Cal Ricketts
  • Oliver Brashler
  • Celia O’Connor
  • Charlie Stueve
  • Cora Brownley
  • Demoree Davis
  • Ellie Seybold
  • Eliza Tagliaferri
  • Eve Slusky
  • Finn Savoie
  • Ginny Kammerer
  • Holden Pike
  • Laurel Hunsinger
  • Liam Price
  • Lucian Stewart
  • Maceo Krueger
  • Magnus Pollington
  • Wren Herbert
June Costume Class
  • Kadence Cunningham
  • Lucy Needham
  • Lucy Stueve
  • Max Molla
2024 SYT Intern Group
  • Alia Leon
  • Arianna Waller
  • Emmett Henry
  • Finn Hyland Sidener
  • Graham Hall
  • Harper  Finck
  • Ivy Bitters
  • Katherine Walters
  • Katie Parsons
  • Keats Johnson
  • Liz Wyle
  • Lola Brown
  • Lucas Hasiuk
  • Maryann Barnhart
  • Maryanne Ghilino
  • Miles Perez 
  • Nico Scales 
  • Stevie Roman
  • Wren Jay
Production Team
  • Director Kayla Sandusky
  • Assistant Director Coy Garrett
  • Assistant Intern Director Liz Wyle*, Ari Waller*
  • Choreographer Gabby McNabb
  • Music Director Rachel Naughtin
  • Rehearsal Pianist Jen Hosler
  • Stage/Production Manager Liz Wyle*
  • Assistant Choreographer/Assistant Director Arianna Walker*
  • Assistant Intern Stage Manager Katie Parsons*
  • Lighting Designer Samaria Fleig
  • Sound Engineer Brayden Yoder-Mulkey, Josiah Moreno, Jonah Morgan
  • Sound Technician Miles Perez*
  • Costume Designer Knox McClendon
  • Scenic Designer Lexey Jost
  • House Manager Lisa Purdon
  • Tech Crew June SYT Tech Class

*Member of the 2024 SYT Intern Program

Production Staff
  • Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education Justin Harbaugh
  • Technical Director/Production Manager Samaria Fleig
  • Assistant Technical Director Lexey Jost
  • Event Manager Lisa Purdon
  • Box Office Manager Josiah Moreno


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Meet the Production Staff

Justin Harbaugh

Director of Performing Arts

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Kayla Sandusky

School of Theatre & Music

Lisa L Purdon

Events Manager

Josiah Moreno

Box Office Manager, Sound Technician

Photography by Ann Dean

Ann Dean Photography