Performance Program

Lawrence Arts Center presents

Mary Baker & Friends Broadway Cabaret

April 5, 2024, 7:30 pm


Welcome to Mary Baker & Friends Broadway Cabaret!


The Songs 🎶


  • Triplets – Patrick, Matt, Tony
  • The Starry Night – Christoph
  • I Wanna Be Loved by You – Louise
  • Luck Be a Lady – Ryan
  • Kiss Her Now – Terry & Mary
  • Our Little World – Amy & Victoria
  • Sentimental Journey – Terry
  • I Honestly Love You – Mary
  • Nobody Does It Like Me – Amy
  • Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out – Ric
  • What Do You Do With Your Arms? – Tony
  • Great Big Stuff – Patrick, Amy, Christoph
  • Alabama Song – Jeanne & Ric


  • The Creation of Man – Christoph
  • Poor Sweet Baby – Elizabeth & Patrick
  • Buy Myself a Rubber Doll – Matt
  • Black Coffee – Amy
  • The Calling – Tony
  • I’ve Never Been to Me – Louise
  • Tonight You Belong to Me – Victoria
  • Easy to Be Hard – Terry
  • My One and Only Love – Ryan
  • Laughing Matters – Mary
  • You’ve Gottta See Momma Ev’ry Night – Jeanne
  • Fine, Fine, Fine – Patrick, Christoph, Amy
  • Goodbye! – All
Musicians & Performers 🎤
Musicians 🎹
  • Mary Baker | Keyboard
  • Valance Penn | Percussion
  • Victoria Kelly | Bass
  • Ric Averill | Banjo
Performers 🎭
  • Jeanne Averill
  • Ric Averill
  • Mary Baker
  • Tony Console
  • Christoph Cording
  • Louise ImMasche
  • Matt Keller
  • Amy Kelly
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Victoria Kelly
  • Ryan Nichols
  • Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Terry Thoelke
Production Team

Created & Directed Mary Baker

Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan

Technical Director Samaria Fleig

Stage Manager Cliff Hoitt-Lange

Lighting Designer Lexey Jost

Sound Technician Josiah Moreno

Tech Crew  Nico Scales

Livestream operator  Sofia Bilbao

Production Staff

Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan

Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education Justin Harbaugh

Technical Director/Production Manager Samaria Fleig

Assistant Technical Director/ Shop Manager Lexey Jost

Event Manager Lisa Purdon

Box Office Manager Josiah Moreno

Artistic Director Emeritus, Performing Arts Ric Averill

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Meet the Production Staff

Elizabeth Sullivan

Director of Performing Arts

Justin Harbaugh

Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Josiah Moreno

Box Office Manager, Sound Technician

Cliff Hoitt-Lange

Stage Manager

Photos by Ena Chambers 📸