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Lawrence Arts Center proudly presents

Lawrence Ballet Theatre’s The Firebird

April 19, 2024, 7:00 pmApril 20, 2024, 7:00 pm

Welcome to The Firebird!

Dear Friends and Family,

In the thriving city of Lawrence with multiple events, thank you for choosing live theater tonight. Lawrence Ballet Theatre (LBT) and I appreciate your patronage and support by being with us this evening. 

This is a curated performance presenting works by proven choreographers Melissa Hale Coyle, Kristopher Estes-Brown, Shannon Pickett, and new to LBT, Liat Roth. I am excited to present one of LBT’s dancers, Jahnava Sibilla, who is making her choreographic debut with the piece Traces. LBT ends the evening with a full-length performance of The Firebird. With  Michel Fokine’s original choreography set to the intoxicating score of Igor Stravinsky, The Firebird became an instant sensation in 1910 and remains a staple in ballet repertoire.  

I am very proud of the Lawrence Ballet Theatre dancers. The experience of dancing in a company for the entire year is different from being cast in one show. LBT tackles multiple projects throughout the year. Dancers must adapt to different choreographers, each with their style and vision. Choreography is learned, maintained, and performed throughout the year. Dancers perform in various venues, take on multiple roles, and travel together. It takes fortitude, endurance, and a commitment to the training to be a ballet company member. I hope they have fun learning the art of dance and working with each other along the way.  

Many thanks to the wonderful people I work with all year to make LBT the best for the dancers and audience. School of Dance Director Hanan Misko, Dance Coordinator Claire Buss, Technical Director Samaria Fleig, and Assistant Technical Director Lexey Jost make my job easier and more fun. I am also fortunate to collaborate with the amazing guardians of LBT dancers to help create great dancers and great people.

With Gratitude,

Cynthia Crews
Lawrence Ballet Theatre Artistic Director

Run of Show & Credits

Eugene Onegin Waltz

This piece will be performed at Regional Dance America National Festival
Choreography: Melissa Hale Coyle
Music: Waltz from Eugene Onegin
Composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Performed by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

Dancers: Rhubarb Brubacher, Finn Lotton-Barker, Phoebe Morris, Jahnava Sibilla, Celeste Stinson, Isla Gnojek, Zoë Kaul, Zana Kennedy, Belzimere Maletsky, Kellar Musser, Genevieve Williams

 Weather or Not 

Choreography: Shannon Pickett
Music: Concerto No.2 in B-flat Major,Opus 83: IV. Allegretto grazioso
Composed by  Johannes Brahms
Performed by Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Costumes: Paige Comparato 

Dancers: Photina Adrian, Odleia Colvin, Allie Gates, Annalise Lantz, Marcella MacGonagle, Mattea Rasmussen, Olive Smith, Alana Stewart, Mary Swartzlander, Sydney Tiemann, Elise Vigne, Nichole Weis, James Whittaker, Ruth Yang 


Choerography: Jahnava Sibilla
Music: Hook Rug Dance by Angelo Badalamenti; The Double Theme Version 1 by Andrew Hewitt
Costume: Paige Comparato

Dancers: Rhubarb Brubacher, Isla Gnojek,  Zoë Kaul, Zana Kennedy, Belzimere Maletsky, Phoebe Morris, Kellar Mussar, Celeste Stinson,

Trisch-Trasch Polka 

Choreography: Melissa Hale Coyle
Music: Trisch-Trasch- Polka, Op. 214
Composed by Johann Strauss II
Performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Dancers: Photina Adrian, Allie Gates, Annalise Lantz, Marcella MacGonagle, Maria Mosconi, Mary Swartzlander, Sydney Tiemann, Ruth Yang

The Flower Festival at Genzano

Choreography: August Bournonville
Staged by: Cynthia Crews
Music:The Flower Festival at Genzano pas de deux
Composed by Edvard Helsted
Performed by London Symphony Orchestra
Costume: Erin McElroy 

Dancers: Jahnava Sibilla and  Finn Lotton-Barker 

Blue Light

Choreography: Liat Roth
Music: Mo Teef written and performed by Andrew Bird  

Dancers: Photina Adrian, Lauren Anderson, Odelia Colvin, Allie Gates, Annalise Lantz, Marcella MacGonagle, Mattea Rasmussen, Eleni Reece, Olive Smith, Alana Stewart, Sophia Stratemeier, Mary Swartzlander, Rylie Tiemann, Sydney Tiemann, Elise Vigne, Nichole Weis, James Whittaker, Ruth Yang


Choreography: Kristopher Estes-Brown
Music: Dream a Little Dream; Lemonade; Joli Garçon performed by Pink Martini
Costume: Cynthia Crews 

Dancers: Rhubarb Brubacher, Isla Gnojek,  Zoë Kaul, Zana Kennedy, Finn Lotton-Barker,  Belzimere Maletsky, Phoebe Morris, Maria Mosconi, Kellar Musser, Jahnava Sibilla, Celeste Stinson, Genevieve Williams



“Firebird” is a ballet that tells the story of Prince Ivan’s encounter with the mystical Firebird, a creature with magical powers. After capturing the Firebird, Ivan learns of the evil sorcerer Koschei’s hold over a kingdom. With the Firebird’s help, Ivan battles Koschei to free the kingdom and its princess. The ballet is renowned for its vibrant music by Igor Stravinsky and its captivating choreography, blending folklore with fantasy.

Choreography: Michel Fokine
Restaged and adapted by Cynthia Crews
Music composed by Igor Stravinsky
Costumes:  Beth Dearinger

Prince IvanTsarevich Finn Lotton-Barker
The Firebird: Rhubarb Brubacher
The Princess: Celeste Stinson
Koschei the Immortal: Jerel Hilding
The Enchanted Princesses: Allie Gates,  Zoë Kaul, Annalise Lantz, Marcella MacGonagle, Maria Mosconi, Mattea Rasmussen, Mary Swartzlander, Sydney Tiemann, Geneveive Wiliams, Ruth Yang
Koshcei’s Retinue: Photina Adrian, Lauren Anderson, Odelia Colvin, Isla Gnojek, Zana Kennedy, Belzimere Maletsky, Phoebe Morris, Kellar Musser, Eleni Reece, Jahnava Sibilla, Olive Smith, Alana Stewart, Sophia Stratemeier, Rylie Tiemann, Elise Vigne, Nichole Weis, James Whittaker

Lawrence Ballet Theatre Company Members
Main Company
  • Annalise Lantz
  • Belzimere Maletsky
  • Celeste Stinson
  • Finn Lotton-Barker
  • Genevieve Williams
  • Isla Gnojek
  • Jahnava Sibilla
  • Kellar Musser
  • Maria Mosconi
  • Mary Swartzlander
  • Odleia Colvin
  • Phoebe Morris
  • Photina Adrian
  • Rhubarb Brubacher
  • Sydney Tiemann
  • Zana Kennedy
  • Zoë Kaul
Apprentice Company
    • Alana Stewart
    • Allie Gates
    • Eleni Reece
    • Elise Vigne
    • James Whittaker
    • Lauren Anderson
    • Marcella MacGonagle
    • Mattea Rasmussen
    • Nichole Weis
    • Olive Smith
    • Ruth Yang
    • Rylie Tiemann
    • Sophia Stratemeier
Production Staff 




RUNNING CREW Cliff Hoitt-Lange, Gordon Marvin





Dance Staff & Faculty 




LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER FACULTY, CHOREOGRAPHERS Melissa Hale Coyle, Cynthia Crews, Kristopher Estes-Brown, Shannon Pickett, Liat Roth

Special Thanks

Beth Dearinger, Nikki Stewart, Annie Gnojek, Elizabeth Tiemann, and LBT guardians, thank you for your continued support and many volunteer hours. Thank you to Hanan Misko and Claire Buss for keeping our multitude of meetings productive and fun. Many thanks to Claire Buss, Annie Gnojek, Shannon Pickett, Elizabeth Tiemann, Emily Vigne, and Helen Weis who have agreed to travel with the company to Daytona Beach, Fl.


50 Years of Art for Everyone 🎉

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Photography by Ann Dean

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Meet the Production Team, Guest Artists and Choreographers

Hanan Misko

Dance Program Director

Cynthia Crews

Artistic Director of Lawrence Ballet Theatre

Claire Buss

Dance Program Coordinator/ Choeographer

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Cliff Hoitt-Lange

Stage Manager

Liat E Roth

Choreographer. School of Dance Instructor

Shannon M Pickett

School of Dance

Jerel Hilding

School of Dance