Performance Program

Lawrence Arts Center presents

Jay Pryor’s Gender Reveal Party

March 29, 2024, 7 pm

March 30, 2024, 2 pm & 7 pm

March 31, 2024, 2 pm

Please note, this show is for mature audiences and contains mature language.

Welcome to Jay Pryor’s Gender Reveal Party!

This performance is dedicated to the memory of Andy Morton. Andy was the very first person I told about my idea to do this show, and he told me I would be crazy to do it. It made my world when he watched the show and enjoyed it. Thanks for the notes from beyond Andy. I will never forget you.

Jay Pryor

Production Team

Created, Written, Directed & Performed Jay Pryor

ASL Interpreter Stacy Hund

Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan

Scenic Designer Samaria Fleig

Lighting Designer Samaria Fleig

Stage Manager Lexey Jost

Sound Technician Josiah Moreno

Tech Crew Cliff Hoitt-Lange, Jess Finkemeir

Production Staff

Director of Performing Arts Elizabeth Sullivan

Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education Justin Harbaugh

Technical Director/Production Manager Samaria Fleig

Assistant Technical Director Lexey Jost

Event Manager Lisa Purdon

Box Office Manager Josiah Moreno

Artistic Director Emeritus, Performing Arts Ric Averill

Special Thanks

A special thank you to Will Averill for directing the first iteration of this show and for being a stand for me to “Go for It.”  Also, special thanks to my huge loving family that I was entertaining from the time I was born and an extra special thank you to my wife Jessica and kids Ren and Emmett for always supporting my creativity no matter how weird it shows up. And lastly, thanks to my spiritual posse for always holding me up as a human who can stay in love and keep making a difference.


Thank you!

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Meet the Production Staff

Justin Harbaugh

Director of Performing Arts

Samaria Fleig

Technical Director, Production Manager

Lexey Jost

Assistant Technical Director, Shop Manager

Josiah Moreno

Box Office Manager, Sound Technician

Photography by Jeff Burkhead