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Show Some Love to the Lawrence Arts Center in Your Year-End Giving

CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE CARD ««  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Invest in local artists, the creative economy, and the next generation of innovative and imaginative thinkers. A gift to the Lawrence Arts Center is an investment in… . . .  Approximately 150 local artists each year. . . .  Our creative economy, a driver for local tourism, retail … Continued

Daniel Rozin: Mirror Master

We now have three new exhibitions in the galleries: images by photojournalists Richard Gwin and Mike Yoder in our Front Gallery, Louis Copt’s solo exhibition Raising the Barn in our Large Gallery, and Daniel Rozin’s “Penguins Mirror” in our Middle Gallery. Daniel Rozin is a Jerusalem-born, New York-based artist working in the realm of interactive media art.  His pieces … Continued

Meet Our Teachers: Jennifer Bennett

Here is your chance to get to know one of our Performing Arts Education teachers a little bit better. Jennifer Bennett teaches Theatre Exploration, Intro to Improv for Kids, and the LAC Ukulele Orchestra. She will be performing as the musician this weekend in Balloonacy.   What is your goal as a teacher? My big goal … Continued

A process revealed: Arts Center exhibit gives glimpse into photojournalism

Lawrence Journal-World | Click for article By Nick Krug on January 15, 2017 A current exhibit at the Lawrence Arts Center, featuring works by Mike Yoder and Richard Gwin, two photographers with well over a half-century’s worth of combined years at the Lawrence Journal-World, aims to bring forth the hidden process. By presenting prints of … Continued

Our Own Kind of Performing Arts Winter Storm

Provided the ice predicted for this weekend does not come too soon, tomorrow will wrap up our first week of winter classes with a Saturday morning full of Musical Theatre singing and dance. The sound of kids could be heard all through the building in the evenings this week as students explored with their voices, … Continued

We’ve got so much to share! Renew your email subscription today.

We’re updating our subscription emailing lists and we’d like to keep filling your head with art!  Please take a moment and click here to indicate which emails work best for YOU. Sign up by January 31 to continue receiving our emails. Thank you for keeping in touch, coming to shows, taking classes, visiting the galleries, and for all … Continued

Balloonacy Guest Artist Feature: Bruce Smith

Guest artist Bruce Smith left the stage sweating after today’s rehearsal for Balloonacy, a theatre for the very young production to benefit the Preschool/Kindergarten scholarship fund. The most strenuous physical moment of the show is a fight between his character and…a balloon. He reports that he had to fight the balloon because it has just … Continued

Parenting Basics

We just recently re-discovered this article from Bev Bos a pioneer in early childhood  arts based education. Bev’s words, although written years ago, are still very relevant today.  “The most important thing to remember is that childhood is a very short precious time, it is just a whisper . . .” Click here to read … Continued

Trees arrive just in time for our snow day!

Our good friends at the Breakfast Optimist Club generously donated trees for us to “plant” in our sand box.  The children arrived back to school to a forest. This week we will make bird feeders for our birds and hang them on our trees. This is how we DO a snow day at preschool and … Continued

Get Ready for Billy Elliot!

Auditions for Billy Elliot ­­have been going very well! We’re looking forward to a phenomenal show filled with great talent. Our guest choreographer, Marc Wayne, has been putting dancers through quite the test of their abilities and they have repeatedly risen to the challenge. Some of our actors were moved to tears as they read … Continued