Kierstin N Bennett

School of Dance

Kierstin Bennett has trained in many dance styles for over 15 years but has focused on her love of ballet for the majority of that time. She began to develop her passion for dance at The Culture House in Olathe, Kansas, under Mona Enna, Courtney-Kiehl Bourman, and Alexandra Wilson. She further honed in on her ballet technique at St Lucie Ballet in Port St Lucie, Florida under Rogelio Corrales, Lydia Oquendo, and Idael German.

She attended a variety of ballet competitions receiving awards and high remarks for her contemporary choreography. She also had the honor to perform in many productions and galas around the state of Florida with esteemed artists and talented dancers. Some of her favorite roles and variations were “Dewdrop” from The Nutcracker, “Aurora” in The Awakening of Flora, “Aurora” from The Sleeping Beauty, and “Maria” from Calvary Halt. As she has transitioned out of training in dance herself, Kierstin has had the joy to teach dancers from the ages of 3-18, helping them to prepare for competitions and performances. She has enjoyed setting pieces and coaching individuals and groups for productions such as Fairy Doll and The Nutcracker.

               Now, Kierstin is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Kansas, to become a Neural Engineer one day and design and work with prosthetics. Kierstin is honored to continue to have dance as a key part of her life, during this time by teaching young dancers how to create and learn through movement.

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