Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor's Gender Reveal Party Creator, Writer, Director & Performer

Jay Pryor (They/Them, Creator, Writer, Director, Performer) is a serial entrepreneur, spiritual practitioner, author, “husband,” and “Maddy.” Jay has always been a trailblazer, coming out as a Butch lesbian at the age of 18 in 1985. Jay began their transition to a transgender man in 2001 and walked through life as a “White Man undercover” for 18 years. However, Jay identified as non-binary before the word existed and now identifies as a “lesbian with a beard.” Jay is available to perform this powerful, transformational show, The Gender Reveal Party, for organizations, businesses, and universities that are ready to explore gender in a deep and meaningful way. Jay’s agent can be reached at info@fireandbliss.com

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