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The Future of Lawrence

Some of the coolest kids in Lawrence collaborate to provide the community access to local and emerging artists! Hang12 is a curatorial board of high schoolers in Lawrence who are passionate about the arts and their community.

Collaborating with each other, local artists, and businesses, Hang12 develops exhibitions and events that highlight emerging local artists.

What is Hang12?

Hang12 presents exhibitions and shows of artwork created by up-and-coming local artists. The group plans and runs art shows as well as art-centered events within the community. Their goal is to uplift young local artists.

The Benefits of Hang12

Artistic Exposure

Whether you’re a student getting exposure to art or an artist getting exposure to the community, it’s a win!

Behind-the-Scenes Access

Students in Hang12 get an inside look at the world of art and what it takes to create events.

Valuable Experience

The students in Hang12 coordinate shows and merchandise. They do graphic design and web design, social media work and so much more!

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Learn More About Hang12

Learn more about Lawrence Art Center’s student-led curatorial group.

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Art is for Everyone

Making Art Accessible to All

Lawrence Arts Center is here to ensure anyone—of any age and any background—can connect with a supportive community and flex their creative muscles. With contemporary exhibitions, performances, and an array of art education classes for adults and kids, everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Our primary state-of-the-art facility at 940 New Hampshire St. features classrooms, studios, theatres, and more. To further support the community, we have a nearby preschool location at 946 New Hampshire St., our we also have a satellite space for classes at 10th & Mass Studios and a preschool location at 946 New Hampshire!

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