Final Friday | June 28


June 28, 2024 6:00pm -
June 28, 2024 9:00pm



Join us for Final Friday as we celebrate the opening of Dehmie Dehmlow’s solo show, I’ve decided!

Dehmie Dehmlow | Ceramics Resident | I’ve decided.

I’ve decided. is a collection of Dehmie’s prints, textiles, and pottery. Her work is based in storytelling and often weaves common themes through the various media she works in. Dehmie’s work playfully references utility by using a wide range of salvaged materials and carefully fabricated objects. This exhibition will culminate the work Dehmie has created during her tenure as the Ceramics Artist in Residence at the Arts Center.

INSIGHT Art Talk | July 18, 7 pm 


Rosa Leff | Storydwelling

Rosa Leff creates papercuts by hand from a single sheet of paper using a knife.  Her cityscapes are based on photos she’s taken in her neighborhood and all over the world. Some of Lawrence’s most unassuming, most unlikely, most mundane-looking, places are where Black History was made.  As we buzz through the chaos of our days we forget to listen to the whispers of the bricks and porches.  The papercuts in this exhibit flood us with stories that were once everything to someone who called Lawrence home.  


Niki Dionne | The People We Pass

Niki Dionne brings faceless representations of Black Women to life with a unique blend of illustration, oil pastel, and needle felting techniques. Her art delves into the intricate interplay between self-perceived identity and how it influences the self-perception of Black Women. Having grappled with her own identity, each creation bears a part of Niki, extending an open invitation to viewers to discover echoes of themselves within these relatable figures.