2024 Art Auction


March 8, 2024 6:00pm -
April 13, 2024 9:00pm


$100 Members
$125 Non-members

You’re invited! As the primary funding source for the Exhibitions program at the Lawrence Arts Center, the Art Auction keeps exhibits free and accessible to the public. This year will showcase talented artists from all walks of life, from local preschool children to internationally renowned artists. Join us for an unforgettable evening!

View all 150+ pieces of art generously donated by participating artists for the Art Auction in the Lawrence Arts Center galleries from March 8 – April 13. The galleries are open from 9 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday and from 9 am – 5 pm on Sundays.

Exhibition | March 8 – April 13

Online viewing + Silent Auction | March 8 – April 13


Live Auction | Saturday, April 13


Featured Artist | Angie Pickman

Participating Artists

Fally Afani, Ben Ahlvers, Stephanie Alaniz, Katie Alldritt, Steve Anderson, Sue Ashline, Rachel Beer, Ken Bini,  Shawn Brackbill, Kim Brook, Twiggy Cercy, Rutherford Chang, Ellen Chindamo, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Mona Cliff, Jack Collins, Louis Copt, Janet Davidson-Hues, Jennifer Davis, Ann Dean, Dehmie Dehmlow, Debbie Dillon, Clare Doveton, Alycia Earhart, Gryffin Eason, Connie Ehrlich, Roberta Eichenberg, Barry Fitzgerald, Betsy Forcade, Tim Forcade, Joelle Ford, Herb Friedson, Richard Frishman, Matthew Willie Garcia, D.W. Gates, Jan Gaumnitz, Osbaldo Gonzalez-Reyes, Brian Goodman, Susan Grace, Jesse Gray, Lisa Grossman, Teresa Grove, Richard Gwin, Barbara Hall, Stan Herd, Blanca Herrada, Amy Hilger, Jenn Holt, Brian Horsch, Dorothy  Hoyt-Reed, Thomas Huang, David Hughes, John Hulsey, Stephen Johnson, Ted Johnson, Lora Jost, Alicia Kelly, Carly Kimbrough, Bailey Kivett, Michael Krueger, John Kuhn, Margie Kuhn, Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton, Rosa Leff, Matthew Lord, Amanda Maciuba, Liza MacKinnon, Justin Marable, Emily Markoulatos, Helen Martin, Maria Martin, Theresa Martin, Marshall Maude, Eliza Mayo, Michael McCaffrey, Missy McCoy, Travis Millard, Gerry Miller, Chris Millspaugh, Rick Mitchell, Kristin Morland, Jeromy Morris, Molly Murphy, Ed Noonen, Philo Northrup, Lori Norwood, Tim O’Brien, Alex Olson, Marty Olson, Javy Ortiz, Anne Patterson, Donna Paul, Nick Perry, Grace Peterson, Angie Pickman, Lindsay Pope, Wayne Propst, Joey Quiñones, Laura Ramberg, Hollie Rice, Jeff Ridgway, Amanda Roberts, Jeremy Rockwell, Michelle Rogne, Laura Rollins, Leni Salkind, Goldie Schmiedeler, Nick Schmiedeler, John Sebelius, Mariah Seifert, Roger Shimomura, Pat Slimmer, Jim Slough, Celia Smith, Harold Smith, Kent Smith, Michael Snell, Adelai Spears, Rick Stein, Kale Stewart, Doug Stremel, Kyla Strid, Rachael Sudlow, Robert Sudlow, Kathy Suprenant, Leah Tacha, Heinrich Toh, Ann Trusty, Jen Unekis, Dave Van Hee, Marciana Vequist, Margaret Weisbrod Morris, Sydni William, Sarah Williams, Shantel Wright-Hancock, Roura Young, Hong Chun Zhang, and The Linda Reimond Preschool and Kelly Galloway Kindergarten

Thank You, Sponsors!
















We’re so grateful for each sponsor’s generous contribution to the 2024 Art Auction. This fundraiser wouldn’t be possible without their support!