Ric Averill

Artistic Director of Performing Arts Emeritus

With degrees in both theatre and music composition, Ric is an ‘Arts Factotum;’ serving as Playwright, Composer, Director, Conductor, Actor and Musician.  Ric’s published work is with Dramatic Publishing company and his plays are produced across the United States and beyond.  Ric is committed to empowerment, equity, creativity, and the joy of teaching.  Ric’s most current project is The Silent One, a climate crises street opera in collaboration with Memumco, Environmental Warrior and Artist.

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Practical Music Theory for Singers, Instrumentalists & Music Hobbyists[24WSP]
03/20/24 - 04/24/24, 7:00PM - 7:55PM | WE
Ages 14 to 120 | Ric Averill | 10th & Mass Studios
Enrolling Now | STAZ36
Members $103.5 | Non-Members $115
Learn about key signatures, be able to explain why the Tritone is so important in "Maria," quickly find your singing harmonies & develop your improvisational skills through the wonderful world of music theory.

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