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Matthew Lord

Adult & Youth Visual Arts

Matthew Lord was born in Marysville, Kansas in 1975. His art career began in elementary school, where he would swap drawings for better grub at lunch. As a child, Matthew voraciously consumed television, played video games, collected comic books and entertained himself for hours by drawing at the kitchen table. This early love of pop culture, storytelling and mark making greatly influenced his decision to pursue a creative life.


In 1999, Matthew graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the University of Kansas. In the years since, he has achieved many distinct milestones in his career, including several solo and group exhibitions, featured editorial illustrations, lectures and workshops. Being an artist has allowed him to take on the roles of teacher, facilitator, mentor, curator and storyteller. Matthew’s ultimate goal in creating is to spark awe with his weird wonderful beautiful art.

Matthew’s artwork communicates a sense of playfulness and absurdity while incorporating elements of fantastic realism. Using his preferred media of gouache, ink and printmaking, Matthew seeks to tell thoughtful visual stories drawn from his curiosity for the natural world and a love of mythology. His projects, commissions and collaborations vary from small paintings, to gigantic woodcut prints, to a moving mural on wheels resembling a jackalope. He celebrates his creative community through collaborations that have encompassed art installations, monthly themed drawing events and an artist-run non-profit creative space.

Matthew lives and makes artwork in Lawrence, KS— his fingers are often covered in ink and he still draws at a kitchen table.

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