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Adult Visual Arts

Kent Smith is a Lawrence, KS-based illustrator, designer, sculptor, maker, teacher, problem-maker, problem-solver, mad scientist, time-traveler, dimension-hopper and the mayor of Smittytown. His work can be found on toys, beer labels, masks, huge woodblocks and tiny trading cards. Working both independently and collaboratively, Kent embraces challenges and loves solving difficult problems. Using crazy brain-powers and a variety of media, Kent delivers solutions full of play, story, and unexpected connections. Kent helps shape reality and builds creative community by co-hosting monthly life-drawing sessions (Thieves Guild and Percolator), drop-in sketchbook (Percolator) and drawing groups (Lawrence Urban Sketchers). Kent celebrates teaching in the Design Department at the University of Kansas as well as working with Lawrence Arts Center, The Percolator, VanGo and other community organizations. Kent loves super-heroes, ninjas, monkeys, UFOs, cryptids, robots, ray-guns, and romance.

painting of pond
Drawing Lawrence: Blooms & Botanicals[24WSP]
03/22/24 - 05/10/24, 10:00AM - 12:00PM | FR
Ages 14 to 120 | Kent Smith | Off-site
Enrolling Now | SAD25
Members $189 | Non-Members $210
Celebrate spring in this class where students will draw the emerging plant life around Lawrence. This class will meet with a combination of in-person and online classes each week. Study light, color, and plant forms using watercolors and various other drawing media. This class has a non-refundable supply kit fee included of $40. Instructions on how to pick up the kit will be sent out before the class starts.

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