We Buy White Albums | Rutherford Chang


Rutherford Chang wants to buy your White Album. The Beatles’ self-titled double LP, popularly referred to as The White Album, was released in 1968 and featured a plain, stark white cover designed by Richard Hamilton. The band’s name was blind embossed at a slight angle, and early pressing featured a serial number stamped in the corner, effectively creating a limited edition that ironically exceeded 3 million. Countless copies marched off the assembly lines, each nearly identical to the others. That wouldn’t last.

Over the next half-century, each album traveled an individual path. Some were loved, others discarded. Some remained with their first owners; others passed along to dozens. Some entertained at nightclubs and stadiums, others never left a teen’s bedroom. Some were replayed until worn out, others forgotten in the attic. These once-blank canvases all became unique artifacts, defined by each copy’s distinct history. The 43-year-old artist has been collecting numbered White Albums for over a decade, in any condition, and wants to meet them all. There are currently 3,344 copies and counting.

For the duration of the exhibition, the gallery will mimic a record store, though one that only acquires more albums. If anyone is willing to part ways with a numbered White Album, please contact gallery staff or @webuywhitealbums on Instagram.

Visitors are invited to browse the albums, listen to the vinyl and reflect on the post-production lives of mass-produced objects.