Ceramics Classes in Lawrence

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A Different Kind of Throw Down

Clay is an elemental medium. It is one of the oldest art forms in the world. And it’s part of your everyday life. From your morning coffee (or tea) cup to the toilet you sit on, ceramic objects are everywhere.

Clay is immensely malleable and can take any form, from a simple impression of your thumbprint to a beautifully sculpted figure. We offer a wide range of clay classes, from 1st Time Potter and Beginning Handbuilding, to special topics such as Atmospheric Firing, Mold Making, and Ceramic Surface classes to name a few. Discover the joys (and challenges) of working with ceramics.

With financial aid available, ceramics classes in Lawrence are open to everyone who wants to learn about the visual arts.

Our Facilities & Curriculum

The Path to Your Pottery

The ceramics classes we offer cover everything from the fundamentals of handbuilding to throwing on the wheel to open studio time for self-directed students and advanced classes. Courses also feature experimental approaches to ceramics, glazes, and so much more. The choice is yours! For our adult visual arts classes, the descriptions list what to expect from the courses.

Ceramics Class Facilities

We’re committed to providing the Lawrence area with a facility that welcomes them into the world of art. This includes our dedicated spaces for visual arts classes in Lawrence, each featuring the tools and technology you need to fully embrace your inner-artist.

Ceramics Studio

  • Private Resident Studio
  • 60 cubic ft. Geil Gas Kiln
  • 3 Electric Kilns
  • 15 Potter’s Wheels (Brent, Pacifica, Soldner)
  • Pug Mill
  • Extruder
  • Ball Mill
  • Slab Roller
  • Spray Booth
  • Stocked Raw Materials

Class Gallery

Submit Your Artwork

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Make Art Part of Your Daily Life

Interested in enrolling in ceramics classes? We have financial aid available to those who need it to ensure classes are accessible to everyone.

Art is for Everyone

Making Art Accessible to All

Lawrence Arts Center is here to ensure anyone—of any age and any background—can connect with a supportive community and flex their creative muscles. With contemporary exhibitions, performances, and an array of art education classes for adults and kids, everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Our primary state-of-the-art facility at 940 New Hampshire St. features classrooms, studios, theatres, and more. We also have a satellite space for classes at 10th & Mass Studios!

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Why Should You Consider Ceramics Classes