Yes, Let’s! …enroll in Intro to Improv

Yes, Let’s! was one of the many games turned into performance that students in the winter session of Intro to Improv presented last Thursday. A game where an actor in the troupe makes a suggestion such as “Let’s jump in circles” and all the actors follow that direction, “Yes, Let’s” helps students practice following each other’s lead while they invent and perform increasingly silly suggestions. The K-3rd graders performing were very clearly used to working together and had practiced adding to the ideas their teammates presented. Their work was comedic, and every actor stayed involved the whole time.

The spring session of Intro to Improv starts on March 28. It is an 8 week class open to all K-3rd graders. The class will start with the basics of improv, so it’s great for students who’ve never done improv but also good for students who have taken this class before. No matter how many times you play improv games, they are always full of new ideas and skills to learn. Improv is a good skill for acting because you build characters and acting skills. It’s a good skill for life because you have to think on your feet and trust your teammates. And finally, did anybody mention that improv is just plain fun?

Intro to Improv meets on Tuesdays from 6-7PM. Enroll here! Financial aid is available. Call 843-2787.