What to See this Final Friday

This Tuesday, we had the great pleasure of a large gallery teeming with artists dropping off stunning work for this year’s Benefit Art Auction. With close to 200 pieces to arrange, display, photograph and label for your bidding delight, our galleries will indeed be closed this Final Friday. But, never fear- there is still much to see around town and in the building.

Here’s a few highlights to keep you busy….

  • The Snow Queen, the dance & drama spectacle, continues it’s run with a 7pm performance. Tickets on sale here!


  • Project-based Artist-in-Residence Abigail Smithson has an engaging basketball themed exhibit opening up at the Explore Lawrence Visitor Center at 812 Mass St. Smithson will also be holding ‘court’ to interview anyone who wants to share their thoughts on basketball for her podcast.


  • Youth curators from Hang 12 have a must-see show opening at Gould Evans (706 Mass St.) exploring identity and accessibility of public restrooms. Local artists were given blank lineart of a restroom and prompted to add onto it based on their personal experiences. We can’t wait to see what they came up with!

For a complete listing of events, visit Explore Lawrence’s Final Friday listings.

And, be sure to come back for the 2020 Benefit Art Auction Exhibition opening March 13!