What it Takes

What does it take to put on the annual Benefit Art Auction at the Lawrence Arts Center?  The basic formula has not changed since it started 35 years ago – we need 150 community minded, talented artists willing to give back to the Lawrence Arts Center; businesses and individuals who value the benefit of a robust contemporary exhibitions program in Lawrence willing to sponsor the event and purchase art; and finally, all successful auctions have the key element of an enthusiastic and dedicated planning committee!   Some things have changed over the evolution of the auction – there was a time when board and committee members were responsible for bringing all the food (a potluck, if you will), the live auction would sometimes run late into the night, and we didn’t always have a 40,000 square foot space with a 300 seat theater!

Buy Local Art

For the 2016 auction, our formula for success starts with our signature sponsors, Edmonds Duncan Registered Investment Advisors – thank you Jason, Don and Steve.  With their support we are able to give our board and committee members a break from the potluck duties– and put to use the talents of Evan Williams Catering to provide our amazing food spread!  Also helping with the food is Checkers, who each year gives the Arts Center a gift card to defray our costs.  Glasses, tables, chairs, linens, and everything else we need to set the place up is a gift from Sunflower Rentals.  Then, there is City Wine Market, Boulevard Brewing Company, and Free State Brewing Company, all providing our guests with wonderful spirits for the evening.  All these generous businesses make the evening memorable, and enable the Lawrence Arts Center to retain the money raised from the auction.  We are so thankful for their support.

Without the artists, there would be no auction!  On Monday, March 21st we held our annual artist drop off party, complete with barbecue from Biemer’s (thank you, Jim Biemick). This special evening allows our donating artists to get together and enjoy the opportunity to network, compliment each other’s work, discuss collaborations, renew old friendships, and enjoy discovering emerging artists who are involved for the first time.  We are so thankful for each and every artists who has donated to the Lawrence Arts Center Benefit Art Auction.

Finally, our planning committee has been at work to create the decorations and aesthetic for the event with a vision that reflects the beauty and intricacy of our featured artist, Kris Kuksi’s, work.  Inspired by the range of images from British soldiers, gods and goddesses, alligators, giraffes, tanks, churches and castles – all rolled into fantastic pieces of artwork, the committee is designing a plan that will definitely be a treat to our 600 guests!   Details like gorgeous flower arrangements from Bittersweet Floral and Design, surprise performers, special lighting and flowing canopies, all make this evening of fine art, fine wine and beer, and gourmet food well worth the price of admission.  Don’t have your ticket yet?  Please click here and get yours today!  This event does sell out, so don’t wait.

Thank you to the 2016 Benefit Art Auction Planning Committee!

Jean Anderson, Co-Chair

Clare Doveton, Co-Chair

Tiffany Francis

Lacee Hanson

Barbara Huppee

Stephen Johnson

Molly Krause

Robert Krause

John McCaffrey

Chris McGrew

Brianna Mosiman

Margie Wakefield

Evan Williams