Wear Your Art

This Winter learn how to take your art work off the page and onto your clothing in Screenprint T-Shirts.  This class for middle and high school students meets on Tuesdays from 4-6pm and will take you through the basics of screenprinting, one of the most versatile of the printmaking processes.  Learn how to take your drawings and transfer them to screens in order to print on t-shirts and posters.  Use special equipment like light exposure units, vacuum tables, and photo emulsion.  Nothing brings you pride like someone asking you where you got your shirt and you answer, “I made it.”

If the weekly class isn’t your style, try a crash course in screenprinting techniques in our one day, school’s out workshop, T-Shirt Screenprint Party.  On Friday, February 17, come to the Arts Center from 9am-3pm while school is out and work in our studios all day.  End the day with a print run and walk out of the building wearing your artwork on a t-shirt.