Cheers to A Year of Wellbeing and Happiness!

Did you know that research shows that creative activity actually changes your brain in a way that improves your sense of wellbeing? 

Studies show that creative activity in groups helps you to feel more connected with others, which has a significant  impact on your overall sense of happiness. Whether it’s sewing, pottery, painting, tap dancing or joining the cast of a play; regular, concentrated creative activity can impact your health as significantly as exercise. This year, try a class at the Lawrence Arts Center and make 2018 your year of creativity, wellbeing, and happiness!

Some starting points at the Lawrence Arts Center:

Visual Art:

First Time Potter

Ceramics Revolution

Beginning Drawing

Fundamentals of Oil Painting


Beginning Printmaking

Performing Arts:

Improv your way Through Anything




Hip Hop


Zumba Fitness