Walt Whitman Poem Comes to Life Through Dance, Music & Visual Art

The Arts Fusion Initiative, a multidisciplinary group of New York based artists, will perform their interpretation of Walt Whitman’s The Sleepers this Thursday, September 8th, 7:30pm. Join us to see how one poem inspires the fusion of different art forms such as live music, dance and visual art. Since community outreach is central to the mission of ArtsFi, the collective will visit Lawrence High School, South Middle School and the preschool and kindergarten classes at the Lawrence Arts Center this week. In addition to their work here in Lawrence, ArtsFi has taught collaborative workshops with Garden City High School students this fall.

Arts Fusion Initiative

The Arts Center is thrilled to welcome ArtsFi artists to the MainStage and classrooms this week, including: Kristen Doering (piano), Maria Im (Violin), Kyle Weiler (Dance), Cleo M Person (Dance), Tiare Keeno (Dance), Jake Alan Nelson (Baritone), Nathan Chan (Cello), Sam Reising (Composer) and Valeria Lombo (Visual Artist).