Vaccination Required for Employees, Adult Participants and Audience Members 12 Years & Up

Dear Friends,

We are excited to welcome you back to the joy and excitement of our fall session. Thank you for sticking with us through these tough times. You are why the Lawrence Arts Center doors are still open.

With the full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, the Lawrence Arts Center will require full vaccination for all staff, faculty and contractors, adult program participants and audience members 12 years and older. People under the age of 12 years old are exempt from a vaccine requirement at this time, but must follow the health and safety protocols in place. A negative COVID-19 test accommodation will be made for people who are not able to receive the vaccine for medical reasons or religious practice.

Because the Arts Center is home to a preschool, kindergarten and programs that require daily attendance, we felt this was a necessary step to protect our youngest students and to allow our most vulnerable participants to continue to use the arts center. In light of this, we also continue to require masks and practice the rigorous health protocols adopted to mitigate the spread of the virus.


This pandemic has not changed the heart of the Lawrence Arts Center nor the purpose and meaning of our work. We are an organization whose core is connecting people. Because we care deeply about the wellbeing of everyone in this community, our practices and policies will continue to adjust according to current guidelines and conditions while communicating as openly as possible about these decisions.

Though tough to make, this decision was made because we are dedicated to being a healthy and safe creative refuge in the midst of a surging pandemic. In so doing, we hope to weather this storm with you until we find ourselves in greener, easier pastures. I am looking forward to getting there with you.

Soldier on & see you soon,





Margaret Weisbrod Morris, CEO