Upcoming Master Classes with resident artist Tori Lawrence

This Fall, the dance program is thrilled to have Tori Lawrence + Co. in our studios as they prepare for a main stage performance on November 4-5th.  The company’s director/choreographer Tori Lawrence will also be teaching three master classes in the dance program.  The two workshops that lead up to the show are offered for Intermediate/Advanced dancers ages 15+ and explore movement improvisation and invention.  ENROLL TODAY! & Attend all three for a discounted price.

Man and Woman with Plants1Attending the Moment: Strategies for Movement Invention

Sunday, September 18th from 1-3 PM , Blackbox Theater

Understanding that the body is both a vessel and container for movement, we will attempt to both deconstruct and re-imagine habitual movement pathways. Students will be guided through a three-part assisted solo movement score that will facilitate a more active way of perceiving and thinking about initiation points, movement trajectory, and asymmetrical possibilities. We will witness how forms are created in the moment as well as better understand the habits, tendencies, and memories that are inscribed within the thinking body.

Negotiating Objects and Lines in Space

Saturday, October 1st from 1-3 pm, Blackbox Theater

Places are created from spaces based on the content that naturally resides or has been manually situated within them. Working with the moving body, we will examine the inherent spatiality of human life and how we are active participants in the construction of our intimate and global relationships in space. Students will be guided through various compositional scores that will facilitate a more active way of perceiving and thinking about how we use our bodies to inhabit space.

Tori Lawrence headshotAbout Tori Lawrence: Tori Lawrence, director-choreographer of Tori Lawrence + Co., creates immersive site-specific dances, intermedia performances, and dances for the camera. She recently received an M.F.A. in Choreography at the University of Iowa, where she was a recipient of the Iowa Arts Fellowship. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally, including three site-specific project commissions by the Barnes Foundation (Philadelphia), and will be on our stage this fall on November 4-5.

After the performance, Tori will also be teaching Choreographing for the Camera, on November 19th from 4-6 pm.