Truly Artrageous

Students get a crash course in all things 3D as they craft a variety of sculptures.  Artrageous is open to 1st-2nd Graders on Saturdays from 9am-10:30 and 3rd-5th Graders on Saturdays from 1-2:30pm. Use clay, metal, beads, wood, moldable plastic–you name it! Create sculptures that push the boundaries of gravity and your imagination as you experiment with the possibilities of these different mediums.

In a growing brain, research shows that building in three dimensions helps build executive function skills. Executive function skills help us plan, focus attention, switch gears, and juggle multiple tasks—much like an air traffic control system at a busy airport. Acquiring the early building blocks of these skills is one of the most important and challenging tasks of the early childhood years. Their strength is critical to healthy development throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. Artrageous can help you build your brain while having fun!