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Above: a primary sketch for the Shared Table

this summer instructors Thomas Huang and Kyla Strid will present the Shared Table, a collaborative studio arts course in which students will build a dinner party; hand crafting a collaborative dining table, and forming and firing individual ceramic place settings. Of the class, Huang explains

 I’m curious about how craft activities and the act of making can foster community and mutual understanding.  The prospect of working together on larger scale objects in this type of social practice art activity is akin to being in a knitting circle.  We have all had the experience of sharing a meal around a table.  As a furniture maker, the intermingling of these two ideas seemed like a natural progression to my interests.

Thomas Huang and Kyla Strid worked together previously on 2016’s Kaw River Canoe Workshop, in which participants fashioned and piloted canoes made from recycled plastics, local bamboo, and digitally routed plywood components. the Shared Table promises another social craft intensive, as students labor together in woodworking and ceramic mediums. The three class meeting will culminate in a potluck style meal, with students celebrating their combined labor with a community meal and lively conversation. We invite you to share in this unique summer offering!


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the Shared Table

Saturday, June 08, 2019, Saturday June 15, 2019, and Saturday, June 22, 2019

10:00AM – 4:00PM