The Dottie Diaries

Dottie the Guinea Pig has a message to all of her Early Childhood friends… Read on and enjoy this video of her staycation with Miss Donika!

Hi friends,

I miss you all so much. It’s great staying here with teacher Donika and her family. I sure do like the boys that live here. They are so kind and gentle with me. They feed me the tastiest greens that our friends donated to feed me. You guys know how much I love greens, and fresh parsley, cilantro and hay! Oh, and also those pellets. Yum!

Strayhorn (left) and Maceo love to feed Dottie lettuce!

There are two dogs that live here, too. Their names are Sunny Red and Copper.  I think they are very interesting creatures and I like it when they come and visit my house. They stick their noses up to my cage so I can see them better.

The boys and Donika have even added some FUN into my cage this week… The boys did some research on guinea pigs and created a “fleece forest” in my cage. I think they did this by hanging strips of fabric for me to walk, run and hop through, but don’t tell them I know that part. I think they wanted it to be a surprise. 


Copper and Dottie saying hello!


Till next time,


P.S. If you would like to support the family that donated greens for me, you can email Lacy at They are currently growing greens (spinach, baby kale, arugula, and lettuce) for the Rolling Prairie CSA.