The Creative Laboratories of STEAM Afterschool

Five years ago, the Lawrence Arts Center began investigating the connection between the arts and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The connections have always been there, but sometimes they were not being clearly connected.  From this initial foray, we have developed a rich, five-day-a-week afterschool program that focuses on STEAM, ensuring the A for Arts is fully integrated and emphasized.  With over 200 different lessons in dance, performing, and visual arts, students are challenged to develop creative solutions through their artwork.  Students meet the design challenges with critical thinking and the unique creations they develop.  We find when students are engaged with developing their own solutions to problems, the results are incredible.  By bringing in STEM specialists from the local community and offering students design challenges they care to solve, the Lawrence Arts Center is committed to building the imaginations and skills of today’s students.


The STEAM afterschool program focuses on STEM concepts through Art lessons five days a week for 1st-2nd Graders and 3rd-5th Graders from 4:30-6pm.  Each day of the week focuses on one letter of the acronym STEAM and alternates between visual and performing art each week: Monday is Science-Boom!, Tuesday is Digital Arts Playground, Wednesday is Gearheads, Thursday is Art Lab, and Friday is Masterminds.  Come join our open design and build classrooms for STEAM Afterschool. Classes begin March 27; just browse our class directory by title to sign up for the class of your choice.