The Boys of Pinkalicious

Four actors at the Lawrence Arts Center are proving that pink isn’t just for girls. Jasper Mumford, Finn Lotton-Barker, Sean Ruddy, and Landon Noll are all performing in Pinkalicious, our fall family musical that celebrates all things pink. We interviewed them to learn about their experience in the show and their connection to the color pink.


What is something pink that you own?

Landon: My pink polo. When I wear it I feel preppy; it’s a nice light pink, not overwhelming for the eyes.

Jasper: I used to have a pair of pink shoelaces that I would add to all of my shoes.

Sean: When I was little, I had toys that had pink on them.

Finn: I have a pink blanket I have had since I was a kid. It has little tiaras and says ‘princess’ on it.


What is your favorite part about performing in Pinkalicious?

Landon: The variety in the music, the campiness.

Jasper: Getting to be all the different characters. My favorite is the broccoli.

Sean: The choreography is really fun.

Finn: You just get to have a lot of big pink fun.


What do you want boys who come and see Pinkalicious to know?

Landon: You can be yourself and like what you like. Even if adults are persuading you to think one way, you can always express yourself the way you want to.

Jasper: I want them to know they can be whoever they want to be no matter what society tells them.

Sean: Try your hardest. Work hard in life and you’ll become successful.

Finn: You can like whatever color you want. Wear whatever color you want. Be whatever gender you want.


Check out these performers in action October 12-15! Click here to get your tickets now!