Tech Series Teaches Teens How to Make Stage Magic

Actors may stand in the spotlight on stage, but bringing a character and a story to life takes more than the work of just one person. A memorable performance is enhanced by sound, sets, costumes and makeup.

The Lawrence Arts Center’s Tech Series is for anyone in 5th through 12th grade seeking to learn about the magic that brings performance to life! Check out our online classes this fall with opportunities to listen, design, create and test all of the technical aspects that support stage performance!


Audio Mixing & Sound Design

Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm / September 9 – September 30

Join us to explore curiosity and creativity through hands-on audio experiments! We will learn the scientific foundation of core audio skills and independent learning techniques while exploring various approaches to mixing. How was that sound effect made and where did it come from? How and why does a microphone sound different if you move it closer or farther away? What is a feedback loop and what causes it? Come try your hand at audio mixing and sound design to find out!


Costume Design

Thursdays 5:15-6:30pm / September 10 – October 15

Join us as we learn about the world of theatrical costuming! We will explore the basics of designing and creating a sketch, along with simple machine sewing, hand sewing, and crafting to bring a character to life. We will learn to set up and use a sewing machine, read a pattern, cut and sew fabric, and alter existing garments. By the end of class students will have created a finished costume of their own design! The cost of this course includes sewing supplies for each student.


Stage Makeup

Thursdays 5:15-6:30pm / October 22 – November 12

Join us as we delve into the world of theatrical makeup! This class will cover basic theatrical makeup techniques including foundation, highlight and shadow, and choosing character-appropriate lip, eye, and cheek colors. There will also be discussion and demonstrations on altering facial shape, age makeup, and special effects techniques including wounds and fantasy looks. The cost of this course includes a stage makeup kit for every student.


Stagecraft Basics

Sundays 4-6pm / October 18 – November 8

Join us to discover the fundamentals of stagecraft through technical and production aspects! We will learn the skills needed to construct scenery and build props while exploring the terminology used by directors to share their artistic vision. We will also explore how to go from script to stage by tracking the five technical needs of theatre: scenery, costuming, sound, lighting, and props.