SYT Peter and the Starcatcher Cast Hub 2022

What to expect this week:

Monday- We will tech Act 1

Tuesday We will tech Act 2

Wednesday– Dress Rehearsal: We will add in costumes, hair, and makeup

Thursday is our final dress rehearsal. Everyone is called at 4pm, we will work notes and then get into costume.

Final Dress will start at 7pm. Parents are welcome to come to this run and take non-flash photography. Doors will open at 6:50pm.

FridayNo rehearsal– we won’t see you until 6pm

1st Performance- Call time is 6pm, show starts at 7pm

Saturday- two performances!!!

Show 1:  Call time is 1pm, show starts at 2pm

Dinner break 4:30-6pm *DINNER BREAK IS UNSUPERVISED,

Show 2: Call time is 6pm, show starts at 7pm Everyone will take all of their personal items with them at the end of the day.

 Sunday- STRIKE/ Cast Party

STRIKE: We will strike 2-4pm. ALL ARE CALLED

Cast Party: 4:30-6pm at the City Pool. We will provide popsicles and celebrate this amazing show!


Show Tickets up & available online.

You can order yours HERE

Tickets are $12 each



Fight Videos 


Music Tracks 

Far From Home

Home Drone

Sailor Drone


Starstuff Full


Swim on Full

Swim Melody

Ukulele Smee (2)

Wings of a Dove



Devi has compiled a list of items for your base costume.

You will bring anything you have to rehearsal next Friday, June 10, for our 1st round of costume fittings.

If you do not have any of these items, please do not go out and purchase anything.


ALL Actors should have a white undershirt and boots or slip on shoes.

Lost boys: brown or khaki

Pirates: black or grey

Islanders: khaki

Sailors: khaki or grey

Character Actor Pant Color
Boy/Peter Petey Holman-Hebert Brown/Khaki
Ted Isaac Hartz Brown/Khaki
Prentiss Eli Hill Brown/Khaki
Molly Bea Johnson Dress with pants underneath
Lord Aster Jordan Rundle Blue or khaki
Mrs. Bumbrake Ayla Clark Dress with pants underneath
Teacher Ayla Clark
Alf Liz Wyle Khaki/Gray
Black Stache Arran Kennedy Orive Black/Gray
Smee Katie Hurd Black/Gray
Bill Slank Kiefer Bullock Khaki/Gray
Fighting Prawn Kiefer Bullock Khaki
Hawking Clam Juliet Outka Khaki
Grempkin Juliet Outka
Sanchez Juliet Outka
Captain Scott Ada Velazquez Khaki/Gray
Mack Annika Vermooten Khaki/Gray
Sailor / Mollusk Max Graham Khaki



Meet you production team

Director: Andy Waldron

Assistant Director: Lou Hasse-Divine

Stage Manager: Cella Allison

Fight choreographer: Leah Towle

Costume Designer: Devi Arkeketa

Music: Ric Averill

Intern: Mary Kate Schulz



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Please bookmark this page and refer back to it on a regular basis. This is where we will post links to all musical tracks, choreography videos, costume information, and anything else you will need to make this the smoothest, most magical summer yet! 

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