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Hello and welcome to the Honk Jr. Cast Hub!

Here you will find all cast-related items: costume info, vocal tracks, choreography videos, and more. 

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First of all, thank you so much for sharing your young person with us during this production process.  They are so excited to share their hard work and play with you next week.  We could not do this show without the support of the families, friends, and caregivers of these cast & tech students.  Our show runs with the collective foundation of volunteers.  To put on such a big and amazing show we need volunteer help, such as ushers, merch table attendants, costume/hair and make-up support, as well as backstage monitors.

If you volunteer as an usher, merch table assistant, or elevator/accessibility assistant you receive a free ticket to watch the production.  If you volunteer as a backstage monitor we have a live stream of the production going backstage, so you can view the production as you help.  As an incentive, we would love to offer each of our volunteers a Honk Jr. button and SYT 50th anniversary sticker as well as put your name in an end-of-the-summer drawing for a free School of Theatre & Music/SYT class for the coming year.


Here is the tentative schedule for next week!

Monday marks the beginning of our tech week! This means we will be putting in all of the different pieces that will make our show run. A reminder that there are no absences during tech week, we need everyone to put together our show. Please see the schedule below for details of each individual day.

Monday, 06/12- Add lights, sound, and microphones. We will start our run at 1 and take a snack break at 3.

Tuesday, 06/13- Add full orchestra, continue working with lights and sound. Some characters may practice with costume pieces. We will start our run at 2 and take a snack break at 3.

Wednesday, 06/14- Add costumes and continue working with tech and orchestra. We will start our run at 3, snack will be before performers get into costume.

Thursday, 06/15- Final dress rehearsal! Family members are invited to attend. The run will begin at 3, doors will open at 2:50.

Friday, 06/16- Our first show!! Call time will be 5:30, doors will open at 6:30 for the audience.

Saturday, 06/17- Two show day!! Call time for show 1 will be 12:30, doors will open at 1:30. We will have a 30-minute cast party between the shows. Call time for show 2 will be 5:30, doors will open at 6:30.


It is time to start bringing base costume pieces into rehearsal, and we would be thrilled to get all items to the building by this Friday, June 9!  As you gather your items, please be sure to label each item with your child’s first and last name and put the items in a grocery sack or bag, this includes socks and shoes.  Your child should NOT wear the items to rehearsal. The items will live in a locker/cubby that has been prepped and labeled for them downstairs next to the dressing rooms.  The items will stay at the Arts Center for the rest of rehearsals and performances.  After the last performance, your child should bring their items back home with them.

Make-up and hair items can be brought in next Wednesday, June 14.

Please see the costume information below from Jodie, our costumer.  If you have any specific questions about what to bring, please email Jodie at

Costume Basics
Shoes may be all black, sneakers, or a shoe you like for your character. Most importantly they should be comfortable, safe, and easy to move in.

Personal clothing items may be requested. Items such as jeans, overalls, tights, leggings, socks, and possibly tops. You may request to add or use something of yours in your costume design. We will be pulling lots of items from our shop, using that as our main source but we want to include you and your creativity as well. This also helps to make sure you are comfortable with the fit and fabric used.

All actors – black, comfortable shoes, personal haircare products such as combs, brushes, and products, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip color, and applicators. A small bag for storing items too, please.

Quincey and Brooklyn will need shorts and tank tops.

All actors who play geese should bring a base costume of black pants or leggings and a black shirt. Preferably as close to solid black as they can find.

The rest of the cast should be fully costumed but I’d like for them all to wear something under, like a tank top and fitted shorts… something they’ll be covered up by while changing with others.

Please don’t go out and buy anything, we will help find it.

Parent Guide & Meeting

See full cast list and parent meeting recording HERE

SYT Parent Guide 


We have rehearsal tracks uploaded now! Please use these to practice at home during your free time. Rehearsal tracks include the characters singing, and the accompaniment tracks just have the piano!

Rehearsal Tracks- here

Accompaniment Tracks- here


Rehearsals- on the LAC Mainstage

Rehearsals: 3 Wks, Mon-Fri, 1-5pm (May 30 – June 15)

Performances:  June 16th, 7PM | June 17th, 2PM & 7PM

See the June rehearsal schedule HERE

Here are a few places you can check out the soundtrack as well.

Listen to the Honk Jr. Soundtrack:  YouTube    Soundcloud


  • Students MUST sign in when they arrive for every rehearsal & performance.  

  • Please send an email if our staff needs to be aware of any medical, personal, or family concerns.

  • We have an open door policy for caregiver feedback.

We are not able to provide complimentary tickets to parents or families, but the Final Dress Rehearsal is free and open to FAMILY audience members.