stARTup has started up!

For the last three years, the Lawrence Arts Center has been running a program for high school students that connects professional skills to studio practices. StARTup is a program for high school artists looking to take their art to a professional level. They work on studio practices to make pieces missing from their portfolio and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills to boost their visibility, including website development, grant and scholarship writing, show setup, pricing, talking to galleries, and more. Throughout the course of six months, each artist will create a “body of work” and produce a culminating solo show at a gallery.

Students work with local artists to hone their skills in the art world. During this session, the students worked with Alicia Kelly at the Fayman Gallery. In the coming weeks, they will photograph their work with professional photographer Aaron Paden. All stARTup students will work on their solo show during the second half of the program and install in a local gallery in April – May.

If you’re interested in joining the program or connecting your creative industry skills, please contact