Square Works Featured at Lawrence Memorial Hospital Locations

The distinctive art of Joelle Ford is currently on display at both the main and west campuses of Lawrence Memorial Hospital. The collection, titled “Square Works,” embodies Ford’s whimsical approach to her art. Using found objects she has created several exciting pieces that re-imagine their intended use.

Because of Covid resitrictions the galleries are currently not open to the general public, but hospital visitors are encouraged to explore the galleries. The exhibits will be open until June 18.

For more information and to see more of Ford’s work, visit her website here.

Artist Statement

This young girl wanted to make wild and wacky things when she grew up.  Her parents endured the Depression, and believed value could be found in almost everything. This belief was instilled in their children and has become the basis for Joelle’s art. She utilizes found objects and items thought to have little value — “idle art” — in her work. Joelle has made large installations as well as small collages. Even though they are diverse in size and nature, the common thread is the application of unwanted items. These items are sometimes found while walking outside or purchased at garage sales and thrift shops, as well as contributed by friends and family.  If one item sparks Joelle’s interest, many like items create an even greater interest; therefore, most of her work implements multiples and layering.  Searching for new ways of making art and incorporating new material is an ongoing process.