Spring Session Starts Soon: Immerse Yourself in a Printmaking Class with Matthew Willie Garcia!

If you find yourself in Des Moines, Iowa between March and June be sure to stop at the Des Moines Arts Center where our Studio Manager, Matthew Willie Garcia’s work is exhibited in their Immersive collection! Garcia’s work features combinations of three-dimensional prints on paper and video projections that deal with transcendence and alternate realities.

This multi-part experiential exhibition invites visitors to be literally immersed in artworks from Matthew Willie Garcia, Bill Viola, and Ran Hwang. Instead of moving through traditional gallery spaces, one will follow a path from darkened space to darkened space, each filled with light, color, and sound. Congratulations Matthew on all your success!

If you’d like to take a class with this in-demand artist you can do so right here at the Lawrence Arts Center! This spring Matthew Willie Garcia is teaching:

Check out past blogs below to find your perfect class. Financial aid is available! – Inquire at the Front Desk when you enroll, classes start next week!