Spring Cabaret Cast Hub

Welcome to the 2021 Lawrence Arts Center’s Spring Cabaret Cast Hub!


Saturday’s timeline

12:00pm call time- you should come dressed in your costumes w/ your hair done. You can get into mics as soon as you get there.

12:30pm– warm ups

12:45pm– we will run a few numbers with the band

1:30pm– House technically opens

2:00pm– Show starts

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle and a snack.


Important Cast Documents

Rehearsal Schedule-

Show Outline

Musical Score


Music Tracks

A Way Back to Then

Anybody Have a Map

Brand New You    Chloe & Ruby    Giulia     Kiefer      Olivia


 I See Stars

I See Stars with Cuts

Jump the Line

No Reason

Party Dress

Stick It to the Man

Stop pt. 1

Stop pt. 2

Stupid With Love

Times Are Hard for Dreamers

Waving Through the Window–NEW   Sheet Music in the new Key

WTW- “OH” Harmonies 

What It Means to Be a Friend

When I Grow Up

Queen Of the Night sheet music

Dance Videos 

Waving through a window (part 1)     

Waving through a window (part 2)

I see stars

Stick it to the man

When I grow up

Jump in the line


Production Timeline

Important Dates:
Friday- March 30: Enrollment due date- Last day to enroll
Monday, March 15: 1st day of rehearsal
Sunday- April 18: First ALL CAST Tech Rehearsal – MANDATORY

Performances Dates

Sat, April 24, Noon-5pm, specific call times TBA, SHOW at 2pm

Sun, April 25, 4-8pm, specific call times TBA, RAINDATE SHOW at 6pm

Don’t forget to bring your “Go Bag”

All rehearsals and performances will take place outside, when weather permits.  Rehearsing and performing outdoors is very different than indoors.  To make everyone feel comfortable you may consider putting together a “Go Bag” -a bag dedicated to just our rehearsals that contains things you may need.

  • -something to sit on that makes you comfortable (towel, blanket, lawn chair)
  • -wear a mask (this is required for all rehearsals and performances)
  • -water bottle
  • -hand sanitizer
  • -a small snack
  • -a sharpened pencil
  • -a poncho or umbrella, if it looks rainy
  • -bring your script every rehearsal
  • -wear layers, or bring an extra layer

Click HERE to access the full musical score.

Click HERE to check out our Spotify Playlist