Spotlight on Over, Under, All Around: Meet Ernesto Hodison Jr. and Dana McCoy!

An on-your-feet, outdoor performance. Join us on a journey over, under, and all around the Ballard Center playground October 2 & 3!


Meet Ernesto Hodison Jr. and Dana McCoy, performers in Over, Under, All Around, the Lawrence Arts Center’s newest outdoor playground performance for very young children ages 2-6!

Ernesto is a singer and performing artist who loves watching cartoons, singing slightly off key,  and delights especially in spending quality time with his three pet tarantulas. If he were to describe himself as a brand of cereal, he would be Reeses Puffs. On most nights, he is vividly dreaming of magical things like Space Mermaids climbing monkey bars on the moon.

Dana is an educator, performer, and writer. She loves hanging upside down from the highest part of the jungle gym, exploring the wildness of nature, and daydreaming about our beautiful universe.


Exactly what is Over, Under, All Around and how does it work?

Welcome to Over, Under, All Around, an interactive playground performance for very young children and their families that investigates how our wild imaginations can transform a playground into anything! Are swings actually rocket ships? What creatures like to live inside slides? Are monkey bars made out of bananas? We will explore these questions (and more!) in an up-on-our-feet performance directly inspired by the ideas, sounds, and movements of children ages 2-6 in our Play Lab research series. Join our Play Engineers as they investigate all the possibilities of a playground! This production is built in partnership with the Ballard Center.

Over, Under, All Around performances will be held outdoors at the Ballard Center Playground. This performance is fully interactive and almost entirely on your feet. Children will be able to interact with our performers and each other, play on the playground equipment, and explore fantastical moments of performance hidden throughout. Due to the interactive nature of this performance, social distancing cannot be fully maintained. As a result, we ask all audience members age 2 and up to wear masks. Our performers will also wear masks throughout the performance. All playground equipment will be cleaned in between performances using our Tersano cleaning system. Our ticketing system is non-contact, so tickets must be purchased in advance. Each performance experience will last between 35-45 minutes .

What do Ernesto and Dana do for Over, Under, All Around?

Ernesto and Dana were researchers in our Play Lab Series and serve as two of five collaborator/performers in Over, Under, All Around. After studying the ideas of our very young partners, both of these performers are busy bringing all kinds of magical moments to life. Ernesto is all about dancing with pink and purple spiders, roaring like a dinosaur, and eating roundy-rounds. Dana excels at searching for bad-tasting donuts, driving a bus to the zoo, and becoming a superhero.


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