Spotlight on New Instructor David Titterington

David Titterington studied oil painting with Robert Julius Brawley at the University of Kansas. He spent five years in Japan researching the 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage and painting sacred sites. David currently teaches Art at Haskell Indian Nations University and is excited to join the Lawrence Arts Center faculty this summer with his new class, Drawn to Paint, on Tuesday nights starting June 5.

You can see some of David’s work in his exhibit, “Still Here,” on display in the Cider Gallery through June 25. Check out his paintings this Final Friday and join his Drawn to Paint class this summer!

“Landscapes are a kind of ritual for me, an ‘outward expression of an inward state,’ and are symbolic, like language. Land and sky are situated inside of us as we are situated inside of them. Through the languages of realist landscape painting and religious icon painting, I aim to bring attention to the ways in which humans and landscapes exchange ideas and change one another.”

–  David Titterington