Spotlight on Hubbub: Meet Susanna Brock!

What’s all the hubbub? An interactive performance adventure in your home!


Meet Susanna Brock, a performer in Hubbub, the Lawrence Arts Center’s newest virtual performance for very young children ages 0-6!

Susanna is a curious theater maker and life long learner from Sweden. Her current home is New York City where she enjoys $1 pizza slices, walks by the river, and french fry-eating squirrels. She spends her days teaching and playing with students of all ages and she loves stretching her imagination like a big pizza dough inspired by the magic of little ones.


So what is Hubbub and how does it work?

Welcome to Hubbub, a virtual performance for very young children and their families that celebrates sounds, noises, delicious words, and silence! What does music taste like? If we could see noises, what would they look like floating in the air? How do our mouths make words? We explore these questions (and more!) in a performance directly inspired by the ideas, sounds, and words of children ages 2-6 in our Play Lab research series.

Hubbub performances are held live on Zoom with small groups of six households at a time. This way, all of our audience members can see, hear, and interact with each other, as well as the performers! Hubbub runs 25-30 minutes in length and involves all sorts of interaction, music, and noise-making to create a participatory experience. Finally, we tailor each individual show to who is attending by learning your names and favorite things ahead of time before incorporating them directly into the performance. You can also book a playdate package with family and friends in other households! Best of all, a single ticket covers your entire household in our choose-what-you-pay model!

What does Susanna do for Hubbub?

Susanna was a researcher in our Play Lab Series and serves as one of two performers in Hubbub. After studying the ideas of our very young partners, Susanna is all about popping bubbles, howling like a wolf, and making up songs about stinky socks. Top photo credit: Alexis Buatti-Ramos.


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